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Paperhelpers is the solution to all your problems. All our efforts directed at providing quality services to our customers at affordable prices. Besides, we are one of the online rated reliable ways that aid clients in handling their assignments within their stipulated time-lines. Our customers are assured of the confidentiality of their details and data.


Registration Process For Our Customers

Registering an account with us is one of the simplest processes as we have created a user-friendly interface that cannot be a nuisance to our customers. To register, all you have to do is, fill in your email and your login details will be auto-generated and send to your email.

After account creation, the order process will be as easy as ABC. Fill in your details and project you want to be helped in then click the submit button. After submission, a price calculator will be displayed with the amount that will cost you for the project. When you accept and click on the OK button, the job will be posted to the job board where our experts will check out then assign it to a writer with the equivalent skill to handle the paper with expertise.

After a writer with the best rating and statistics is selected to handle your project, you will be conducted and informed on who is working on your paper. Our customers can contact the writer working on his or her project via the chart board.

After completion of the project, the paper will be sent to our team of experts for review before being certified and uploaded for the customer to download. Download the paper and enjoy a quality written paper.


Registration Process For Our Writers

if you are willing and ready to work for our company as a content creator, all you need to do is pass all the tests before enrolling as a writer on probation. Fill in your details and an auto-generated email with your details will be sent to your email. The email contains a link to our website where you will have to do some tests and pass the cut-off to be recruited as a probation writer. While on probation, all your work will have to be scrutinized by our experts before submission for the writer to download.

When you prove to be good enough, you will be promoted to general status then to senior in that order if your work will meet the requirements for promotion. All a writer needs to have in mind is the customer’s feedback on how his work should be done. This is key since the customer, in this case, is your employer and any order from him or her has to be followed to the later.


Reasons Why Paperhelpers is Worth Handling Your Project?

Below are some of the reasons that make us the favorite in the market;

Custom papers and originality – our experts are determined and willing to give out high-quality custom papers thus maintaining originality. We guarantee zero plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Personal details and customer confidentiality – clients are always worried about their personal details. We guarantee the confidentiality of all our customers and their details since one of our core values is integrity whereby it is required that customer relationship is maintained inclusive of their confidentiality

Affordable prices – pricing has always threatened most customers. However, that is a non-issue with paperhelpers since we are considerate of the financially stable and unstable. In regards, we came up with moderate pricing that will accommodate all the parties.

Professionalism- our experts are obliged to giving clients credible and high-quality work thus maintaining professionalism


Assurance of 100% Custom Written Paper

No need to worry again since we are here to help. Plagiarism has costed most companies and students leading to the cancellation of studies of some students. This led to our emergence to help do away with the shame that has hit some of the companies and students who are our customers. As a measure to curb plagiarism, our writers are required to use plagiarism checking software to ensure that there is no plagiarism. Also, our experts crosscheck the work send by writers using plagiarism software’s for certainty and assurance of upholding our work standards./ therefore, with paperhelpers, you are guaranteed of 100% originality.

Ordering Procedure

With paperhelpers, this is one of the easiest things. Our projects have been categorized making it easy for a client to get the work of his choice without straining. To place an order, first, select the category and click OK. After that, you are required to give select the description that best suits your projects. Then fill your contact email that will aid you in monitoring the progress of your paper.

The writers will see your project on the job board then start bidding. When satisfied with the number of bids, you will be required to select the writer of your choice. Then a payment tab will pop up. After making the payment, the selected writer will start working after confirmation of working on the project. The paper is written submitted for reviewing the uploaded to you for downloading.

Price Calculator

Paperhelpers use a price calculator that helps in easily calculating the price of the essay depending on the requirements. As we all know each essay has its different requirements which therefore means that the price will also be different. Some of the factors articulating to a standard payout  to our writers and affordable pricing to our customers are:

Deadlines – timelines will affect the pricing of an essay. Urgent orders will be highly charged as compared to orders with long deadlines.

Work Load- the workload is another pricing determinant. Editing, formatting and paraphrasing essays are cheaper as compared to other types of essays that the writer starts from scratch.

The number of pages – essays are charged per page and therefore, the less the number of pages the lower the price while the higher the number of pages the higher the price.

Paperhelpers is therefore ready and willing to work on your paper despite the complexity and intensity of the workload. However, imagine this situation, paying $10 to get your paper done. This is kinda ironical since that price quotation is for writers on probation of whom are not exposed enough and hence you are assured of getting a paper that will not meet your standards. Top writers require an equivalent pay that matches their skills to deliver a top-notch paper. To avoid getting your papers done by a lowly rated writer, our customers are advised to pay well the top-writers to get a paper that matches their expenditure.

As paperhelpers, we are willing to provide 100% custom papers that will meet our clients’ needs at an affordable price.

Precautions Taken if The Paper Does Not Meet The Desired Requirements

Our customers have the opportunity of requesting corrections free of charge. After reviewing the paper, a client is entitled to returning the paper for revision purposes whenever his or her requirements are not met.

The writer is not paid in full unless the client has accepted the quality of work done and is satisfied. However, the customer should note that once payment has been released for an accepted project, there is NO refund. To get more information, visit our website under the Terms of use Section.

Confidentiality Guarantee

Paperhelpers guarantee our customers 100% confidentiality of their data and personal information.  To us privacy is key and integrity being one of our major core values we are required to maintain 100% confidentiality of our customer’s papers and work to maintain a good relationship with ourselves and customers. Security measures are also in place to ensure that there is no chance of third parties accessing information.

Our Contacts

In case you have a burning question or recommendation about our services, writers, policies and any other general question, feel free to contact our customer care representative. We also have a chat board where you can directly contact the writer handling your project. We have 24/7 online customer service representatives who will help you find the most suitable party to help solve your problem.