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Tips to Writing Conventions for Modern Students 

August 31, 2018

If your overriding purpose is to get good grades for your written assignments, you need to have excellent writing skills, the thorough knowledge of English and the topic you cover in your article, essay or review. Seasoned writers consider it is necessary to add one more aspect – writing conventions. Not all academicians know what it means and how this word combination can influence their academic success (especially if you are a total newbie).

The overriding purpose of this review is to highlight the importance of conventions. We’ll also delve into the details of this aspect and analyze why collegers or those who are engaged in the area of writing shouldn’t neglect this aspect.

Is it necessary to teach conventions? Should they be introduced by tutors or students should focus on this aspect later? All the answers are hidden in this in-depth review.

The Significance of Conventions in the Area of Writing

In some instances, it is really hard to carry your message properly when your writing skills leave much to be desired. As a result, students feel more stressed because except for covering the subject area, professors also oblige students to follow a plenty of rules: correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, capitalization, etc. Commonly, it is an additional trouble for them.

Conventions are basic writing rules which should be followed while writing. Otherwise stated, if your desire is to master a good literary work and you want your readers to appreciate and understand it, you need to abide by these rules.

If you are struggling with your college essay, you might consider the use of these conventions:

• high school students should express their thoughts in a proper way using complete sentences;

• when you wish to describe this or that place, well-known event or person’s behavior, you need to introduce this character or object to the targeted audience when you mention it for the first time;

• check out the use of punctuation marks;

• use the citation rules to avoid all the issues related to plagiarism;

• try to avoid the use of abbreviations (if it is impossible, their meaning should be introduced in a special section).

It is really hard to get the best grade when your writing skills are poor. Nevertheless, if you are a goal-oriented student who used to compass your purpose, you’ll gradually develop them. Acquiring the convention rules is one of the main obligatory stages you should go through.

The Use of Conventions in Accordance with the Writing Styles

Too much depends on what type of routine academic assignment you are working on. Students frequently get stressed or become disillusioned when something is unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, the overriding purpose of the educational process is to teach you, help you acquire the new skills and become a sought-after specialist. Keep in mind that each kind of academic writing has its own peculiarities:

• When you are struggling with descriptive essays, you need to use more colorful sentences and descriptive vocabulary which will help you cover the given subject area.

• If your objective is to master a narrative essay, you need to bear in mind that its obligatory elements are the plot, main characters, and setting.

• The primary aim of persuasive writing is to present different arguments in a logical manner in order to make the readers agree with you.

• The overarching targets of expository essays are to inform, explain or instruct.

Students should be attentive to these aspects and follow all the guidelines before they embark on doing this or that task.

Is It Possible to Teach Conventions?

When studying at a higher educational establishment, you won’t have lessons devoted to conventions only but it doesn’t mean your teachers or professors don’t pay attention to these aspects. If you study English, gradually, you’ll learn the basic rules of writing. Teachers consider this issue and simply can’t neglect it.

For that reason, they build their lessons in the way, allowing them to give more information to their academicians. For instance, when you study the fundamental rules of narrative writing, your teacher will explain what the plot is or how to introduce the main characters. The educational process is balanced and all the aspects of writing are presented as a whole unique structure. It means that students shouldn’t attend lectures devoted to the isolated elements.

The language rules shouldn’t be subdivided into isolated elements. Present-day teachers can build the learning process in the way allowing students to study the new material and immediately apply it in practice. For instance, you have just learned the verb tenses and in order to understand when to apply each tense, you’ll get a bunch of exercises which will help you possess a better grasp of the language.

At a glance, the rules of conventions seem to be a secondary element but it is not true. If your objective is to acquire the new skills, enhance your writing style or even become a professional writer, you need to study all the language rules and learn to apply them in practice.