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Presentations Topics

September 13, 2018

presentation topics guide


When it comes to creating a catchy, impressive, and well-thought presentation, firstly you should pay attention to choosing a proper topic. This step mostly defines your success.

Guidelines to Selecting a Good Topic

It’s recommended to follow several simple yet useful rules, which help to compose an effective presentation without effort:

1. If you choose a subject by yourself, try to decide in favor of that you’re interested in. Otherwise, you won’t be able to expand on a topic. Thorough understanding of the subject will simplify the process and make it more exciting and engaging.

2. To make a solid work, you need to research all the aspects of the chosen subject. That is why opt for the topic, which has enough source information. It would be great to settle on the subject you have specific knowledge, personal experience, video material, or other helpful info.

3. Take into account the duration of the presentation that takes approximately 5-10 min. You are required to use simple, clear language while speaking. Try to explain your main idea and grab the audience attention with the first words. Sometimes, it’s difficult to reach people’s mind and heart, so make use of some tricks like humor, quotes, or other interesting things.


Tips on How to Make a Catchy Presentation

1. Alongside selecting a juicy topic, you have to get prepared mentally. If you’re nervous, your audience won’t perceive your words. Some people are afraid of public speeches, but there’re tons of exercises and practical courses to cope with such a problem.

2. Keep within the allotted time for your presentation.

3. Keep eye contact with your listeners. This technique will help you hold your audience’s attention to your topic for a long time.

4. Involve people in your presentation with questions, quests, humor. Interact with them.

5. Use visual materials like images, infographics, video, slideshow, etc.

6. Make an emphasis on the core points with the help of silence or visual tools.


Presentation Topics for College Students

Let’s back to the essential part of choosing a proper topic for your presentation. Below is the list of subjects, which can impress your listeners at a glance. Opt for red-hot issues.


General Topics

1. Smoking and teenagers.

2. What career to choose?

3. Internet vs print media.

4. Can you make real friends on the web?

5. Can social networking substitute a real life?

6. Love over a distance: is it possible?

7. Love has no boundaries.

8. Can love at the first sight be forever?

9. Is online dating serious?

10. The problem of snobbery in the society.


Presentation Topics for Environment Subject

1. Awful impact of industrial pollution.

2. Ecofeminism: what is it?

3. The problem of water resources.

4. The impact of air pollution on climate changes.

5. The impact of forest destruction on climate.

6. How to eliminate the negative impact of air pollution.

7. Personal contribution to the nature saving process.

8. The importance of national parks and nature reserves.

9. Main reasons for extreme weather and natural disasters.

10. Global warming is extremely intensifying.


Presentation Topics on Social Media

1. Personal information on social networks.

2. When to allow children to set up their own profile on social media platforms?

3. How to protect your account from hacking?

4. Deep impact of SM on modern youth.

5. Social media activity as a brilliant way to express oneself.

6. SM as an effective way to find like-minded people.

7. Social media etiquette and manners.

8. Online networks give a great sense of freedom.

9. The role of social networking for business promotion.

10. How to use SMM for boosting a business?


Presentation Topics for Education

1. How to find the money for college?

2. How to settle on a career choice?

3. Benefits of private schools.

4. School uniform: etiquette or restriction?

5. Is homework a must-have today?

6. The negative effect of family problems on a child’s educational progress.

7. Studying at home: pros and cons.

8. Impact of low teacher pay.

9. Integrating game playing into the educational process.

10. Is online education effective?


Presentation Topics on Finance

1. What is better: to buy or lease a car?

2. Is it possible to live on minimum wage?

3. How to put the belt in?

4. Losing a job: how to take it easy?

5. How to find the money for education?

6. How to use a credit card responsibly?

7. How to smartly manage a personal budget?

8. Invest smart.

9. How to retire early?

10. Role of cryptocurrency nowadays.


Presentation Topics on Health

1. Yoga for mental and physical health.

2. Effects of lack of sleep.

3. Meditation for mental health.

4. What to do for effective calory burning?

5. Most effective time for fitness.

6. The problem of anorexia in the modern society.

7. What diet to choose: personal choice?

8. Euthanasia: to be or not to be.

9. The efficiency of modern health care services.

10. Technological innovations in therapy.


Presentation Topics on Lifestyle

1. Family values that really matter.

2. How to keep family ties living remotely?

3. The role of respect and love in the family relationship?

4. Why do modern people put marriage on the shelf?

5. The problem of non-paternity event in history and now.

6. Communication keeps relationships.

7. How to avoid the crisis caused by the generation gap?

8. How to change for the better?

9. How to spend leisure time effectively?

10. The problem of drugs and alcoholism in a family.

There are tons of interesting presentation topics to choose from. Any speech can be easily transformed into an effective, attention-grabbing creative PowerPoint presentation with outstanding visual effects. If you face any problems while choosing a topic or writing an essay, ask for help!