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Persuasive Essay Writing Tips and Topics

August 31, 2018

Do you think that you can persuade people? If you do, writing such an essay would be a good practice for you and an opportunity to show your skills, and If you are not experienced in convincing people, this paper would help you to develop your skills.

Every day, dozens of people try to convince us of something. Their intentions could be good, bad, or neutral, but you should understand how to do it with your paper; if you have an interesting idea or want to help people, you should develop your persuasive skills to be heard.

It doesn’t mean that you will convince people of something that is not true. There are many questions that can’t be answered just by “true” or “false”, and they are good essay topic for such papers. If you have to find a title for your paper, focus on the post polemical ideas where people usually choose different sides.

What to Do When Writing a Persuasive Essay

Make your topic and position clear to the readers or listeners. If they don’t understand what you are talking about and what is the focus of your paper, it seems that they would not be much involved. Your opinion should also be clear when you talk to your listeners, and they should understand your point of view from the first seconds of your speech or presentation.

Attract the attention of your readers and pick their interest. If you just tell your ideas but don’t think how others interpret all of it, you will not get the good feedback from your readers. There are many persuasion techniques you can also use to hook your readers, you are able to learn them from professional advertisement and marketing articles.

Show your confidence. Don’t use “probably” or other unclear words that show that you are not much confident in what you are talking about. Use only facts and present your evidence whenever you need, do a small research to get more evidence for proving your position if needed. Consider arguments against your position. If there are two or more points of view on your topic, there will be many arguments for and against your position, prepare for them and find a way to answer tricky questions.

What to Take into Account

Check your requirements before writing. Even if you have a lot of ideas but need to create a small paper of a few pages, you should pick only the most persuasive ideas to fit into the required size of a paper. You should also know if there are any restrictions about the style and structure of your document.

You should know your audience because different people have different motivation. Arguments that work when speaking with students may not be the best solution if you are going to convince adult teachers. That is why you should consider the group of people you are talking to, like engineers, kidults, scientists, etc.

Find out whether you need just to write it or you should also to present it to your class. If there will be a public presentation of your paper, you should work more on it and find more arguments to beat counterarguments of the other side. You should also train to read your essay aloud much confidently.

Before starting your work, you should be confident that you can write an essay on a selected topic. When choosing the main idea of your paper, check that you have everything that is necessary for creating a good essay on this topic. Make a small research to find out how much information you can find for your project.

What You Should Avoid

If you are working with polemical ideas, you may cause aggression and other unwanted consequences, that is why you should think on it when selecting a topic and pick ideas that are not too hot for your class. Be cautious when working with political, religious, and other similar speech and essay topics.

You should also avoid defending the position if you are not sure about it. If you have doubts in something, you would not convince your readers in it, that is why it recommended to use topics that are familiar to you, they should let you defend your position easily.

Your statement should be based on the verified information, and if you don’t have evidence to prove your ideas, you should not write them in this document. You can find people that can be persuaded with any words you say but most of them need facts.

How to Pick a Topic for Your Essay

If you need a good title, it should be polemical and have two or more points of view. If everybody already has the same opinion as you, there is no reason for persuading people, that is why you need to address your essay to people with different positions.

It is a good idea to choose topics from deep and complex fields. They give you an opportunity to do a big research, find many arguments for your statement, and show that you can handle difficult assignments. If you are looking for a good idea, try not to pick the most common topics. They were discussed many times so people may get bored when reading it.

There are always some trends that people are talking about, you can pick some of these trends and make it the central idea of your paper. People like to discuss popular things, and they will be involved in reading your paper easily. Check the most popular feeds in social networks. You can find out what your audience like and what they want to discuss.

Popular Topics for College Essays

Many titles of such works are connected with education, they are about school, colleges, universities, and different aspects of modern education. It is easy to write such papers because students think about educational issues almost every day and have something to say.

Political themes are also popular because every student wants to have an impact on their country. People disagree with many political problems and try to find solutions by themselves, and even if you are not going to be a politician, you can discuss such things in your document.

Students also like to speak about their entertainment and activities outside the campus. Persuasive speech and essays may focus on public transport, popular places, self-development, and sports.

In this article, you can find many useful examples of such topics. You can read them all to find the most relevant to your task. You should use them just as inspiration, don’t copy them

Why the Topic is Crucial

After picking a topic, you start writing the main content of your paper. If you realize that you picked the wrong title, you will need much more time for additional writing, that is why you should spend more hours considering the title. Good planning is the key to fast writing.

Most usually, the topic is the first thing that your readers see. If it doesn’t pick their interest, they will not go even to the Introduction section, that is why your title is a hook for readers and you should use it correctly. The modern advertisement is a good example for it.

When people are looking for such papers in online databases, they usually search by titles, and if your title doesn’t represent the content of your paper, it will be much more difficult to find it. If your title contains the most significant words, scientists will find it easily.

Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics

– Should elder people pay for bus rides less than others? 

– Should everything in public schools be free for students? 

– Should the Government offer jobs to students who show good results while studying after their graduation or should they do it by themselves? 

– Should all students be required to learn two or more foreign languages? 

– Should students be able to ask for another teacher whenever they want if they don’t like him or her? 

– Should voting be allowed only for people who have a specific academic degree? 

– Should there be discounts for undergraduates in all markets? 

– Should young people be allowed to drink alcohol anywhere if they have good marks at college and also take part in sports activities? 

– Not attending school should be allowed for students who don’t have social skills? 

– Should students have access to all online libraries? 

– Do athletes have to avoid drinking or smoking in public places because they represent the sports culture? 

– Students have to take part in sports events even if they don’t want to. 

– Should people be punished for swearing in public places? 

– Will the role of religion be smaller in education in a few years and the atheistic approach will rule in all forms of science? 

– It should be required to help homeless people a few days monthly. 

– Students can’t show their full set of skills on standardized tests. 

– Undergraduates should be allowed to get the help of writing services if they can’t complete their tasks on time. 

– Young people have to pass much more exams to get the master’s degree. 

– All people that enter the USA have to pass a test for English proficiency if they want to stay here for a long time. 

– Should there be an account for every student in the Wikipedia? 

– Should schools punish for smoking? 

– Should all the children wear the same clothes at school every day to show that all of them are socially equal? 

– People should pass a basic test before voting. 

– Citizens of all countries should be allowed to keep the weapon in their houses. 

– Undergraduates have to complete their education before they can get a job, and they shouldn’t be permitted to work until the graduation. 

– People should have a basic skills set to start working in the educational system. 

– The basic skills test should be revised every month. 

– Teachers have to spend more time helping their students who don’t keep pace with the course, and they should be paid more for this extra lessons. 

– It should be forbidden to listen to loud music in public. 

– Plagiarism should be illegal in all educational establishments of our country and students who copy other works should be punished much. 

– Children should be taught to have good manners. 

– When you make your order for something with a high price in an online shop, you don’t have to pay for delivery. 

– Parents should forbid their kids to touch such animals as big dogs. 

– Each state should have the same laws as other states. 

– If one student didn’t do their homework because of the lack of time, other students with more experience should help them. 

– Every book should contain a blank page for notes. 

– Police shouldn’t be allowed to enter any home without reasons to it. 

– The age should not be the key criteria when choosing who can vote because there are many more significant criteria. 

– USA schools need to teach more about the world and other countries. 

– Students have a right not to attend classes if they have a job. 

– To have a good life, students have to study much more than most of the other people of their age and get a degree. 

– Boys should be taught to cook food such as girls. 

– Colleges and other institutions should provide the high level of service to their students because students are their clients. 

– All immigrants should have a place to sleep given by the Government. 

– Undergraduates should get money from the budget to pay tax and buy necessary food and clothes. 

– Each human in any community is important even if they don’t do many good things. 

– The Government should start using electronic implantable chips for the better control of immigration. 

– It should be allowed to bring pets with you to public buildings. 

– The writer who publishes their book should guarantee that they don’t copy the works of other writers. 

– People should change their names when they become adults because they name given after the birth doesn’t represent the person. 

– Chats between children should be personal and parents should not be allowed to read them. 

– All children should be taught to type quickly. 

– Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes in all countries because it will help patients and improve the quality of treatment. 

– Should girls be taught to do things that boys usually do? 

– Should children and the high age be the reasons why people don’t start their academic career?