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How to Paint Picture with Words: A Couple of Steps for Easy Writing

October 9, 2018

In nature, there are a lot of wonderful things. In order to catch this, humanity came up with such a kind of art as a painting. Pictures have always been and will be masterpieces that talented artists have created at all times. Talking about visiting the gallery or the museum, having visited a guest, we frequently are able to talk about what we saw. In this article, we will show you how to write beautifully and competently a description of the work you like.

In order to compose a quality essay about the painting, you do not need either an ability to draw or perceive drawing on a professional level. It is enough to realize what to look for, what items should be mentioned and what information it is worth looking at the picture and its creator.

Where You Should Start?

If the desire to describe a product of art is caused by a storm of emotions that flooded you while watching paintings in the museum, then this is clearly a good sign. Strict structure of the text construction you do not need since the expression of feelings will do everything on behalf of the litterateur.

To depict the picture with knowledge, we need to do some preparation. We advise you to use the reference Internet resources and get acquainted with the biographies of artists – on such sites, you may find a list of their works, as well as reviews of critics. You will get a more complete idea of the creativity of one or another master, you will distinguish techniques, the manner of writing, as learn the author’s style and the dominant theme.

Try to determine the significant micro topics of the picture. Evaluate the role of inventive-expressive means, such as format, composition, light, and overall color; it is necessary not only rationally but also emotionally perceive the work of painting. Listen to yourself and decide on the mood that you must convey by letter.

Structure of the Composition

If you took a pen and felt a creative crisis, then the plan, painstakingly created by teachers, will aid to solve this problem. With its assistance, you may write a competently sounding and harmonious paper. As a rule, it includes the next elements:

§ Data about the picture and its author. Here it is necessary to briefly tell about the historical period, the master’s technique of writing and possible discrepancies with the style. Drawing up a description of Levitan’s works, you have to pay attention to his favorite method. Specify the contrast between dark and light tones. In his painting Overgrown Pond, a game of shades of green with trees slightly inclined to the watery surface is shown.

Next, you need to specify the name of the work itself, mentioning its earlier versions, if they exist; you can specify the prerequisites for its creation and the reasons for your choice.

§ The plot – it involves all the details of the foreground and background. Do not skimp on epithets, metaphors or comparisons; pretend yourself a gallant critic or an artist who paints words. Do not miss the small components that might well not be seen by other observers. In the picture The Morning by Aivazovsky, a great attention is focused on the orange haze; it absorbs small persons standing on the pier and a ship retreating at dawn.

§ Color spectrum -to begin with, it is best to express a general impression, colors amaze with their brightness or dullness. Do not limit yourself to a simple listing of used paints, comparing them with other natural phenomena. For instance, yellow is associated with sunlight or sunflowers at dawn.

§ Emotional reaction -it is worth remembering what first thoughts and feelings arose when viewing the picture. Little goose bumps or on the contrary you wanted to fly up and feel like a free bird; also, at this moment, you may speculate about the emotions of the heroes or ask yourself philosophical questions. For example,

“The picture shows a pine standing alone on a cliff in the snow. Shrouded in the cold night and moonlight, it steadfastly endures its stay in this remote place; a cold blue scale of this picture accurately conveys the frost of the winter night. It makes you chilly when you look at it. While the pine tilted the top of its head to one side and lowered strong branches under the weight of the cargo that fell onto it, own obedience and readiness to bear the hardships of this solitary life are expressed”.

The above scheme will facilitate to adhere to the narrative manner of presenting the thought and will not allow you to go beyond this style.

Examples of Descriptions.

In order to comprehend the task presented and inspire creativity, we present you several options for narration:

“Thomas Gainsborough has long perfected himself as a landscape painter until he finally realized that the most profitable genre in painting in his time is a portrait. During his life, the master created a number of remarkable pieces, but his most famous is the touching and emotional work The Boy in Blue.

As a model, Gainsborough invited the merchant’s son from a hardware store. History has kept his name, Jonathan Battle but can you say that the spectator is a poor boy? No, the genius dressed him in a rich aristocratic suit, shimmering with his satin fabric. A beautiful pose, a proud posture – and now the features of the merchant’s son began to acquire patience, while the pose is remembered about the nobility. Only a charming blush and simplicity in the eye betray him as an unsophisticated child”.

“For the work of Spring by Sandra Botticelli, symbolism is characteristic. The goddess of love Venus stands in the center, while the cool spring wind Zephyr pursues the nymph, Chloris. Running away, she turns into Flora, dressed like a rich married Florentine; the artist depicted everything that is typical of spring: the wind, the awakening of love, and springtime’.

“Amadeus Modigliani differs from other artists by the uniqueness of style, peculiar purity, and symbolism. Considering his landscapes, you can move to the era of that time, to comprehend the way of life in the whole village. The master uses clear lines and rich colors. He shows people how the regions of one country differ from each other. There is a feeling of unrestrained fun and a desire to plunge into the colorful world of southern France but the shades of colors show the confusion and the nervous state in which France resides”.

Thus, when traveling the world, you visit places where masterpieces of a painting are kept. To independently convey your impressions, you should be able to make a description of the picture. Beginning your story, do not forget to mention an author, the genre, how it was written, and what materials were used for this. Take advantage of our advice to provide a decent composition.