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Tips to Write Dialogue in an Essay

August 6, 2018

    “A word after a word after a word is power.” Margaret Atwood   Table of Content1 Differences Between Dialogs and Direct Quotes2 Where are Dialogs Often Used?3 Which dialog format is used in essays? 3.1 1. Quotation marks are applied for usual quotes:3.2 2. Single quotation marks are applied

Exploratory Essay Topics Ideas

August 3, 2018

  Table of Content1 Exploratory Essay Research Tips2 Features of The Explorary Essay3 Structure of the Exploratory Essay3.1 1. An introduction. 3.2 2. A hook question. 3.3 3. A body. 3.4 4. A conclusion4 Topic Selection5 Exploratory Essay Topics Ideas List5.1 1. The impact of large-scale immigration processes on the United States strucure. 5.2

The Research Proposal Writing Guide

July 31, 2018

Writing a research proposal is significant for people intending to undertake further studies of a particular subject area. Students are often asked to come up with research proposal projects by their instructors to evaluate their knowledge of a topic of study. For one to come up with a perfect proposal,

Causal Analysis Essay Tips and Topics

July 25, 2018

Causal analysis writing presents the very essence of the science. A search for premises, reasons and consequences of phenomena, effects, events, behaviors, etc. is what made the humankind engaging itself in the studying. People’s understanding of the reality is based on cause-and-effect relationships. It allows not only exploring the issue

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Ideas

July 23, 2018

  The main aim of compare and contrast essay is to analyze two different things and find all the similar and different features. It is mostly popular at the universities in academic writing. Students always find it interesting to compare several issues instead of describing one thing. This type of

Reflective Essay Writing Guide

July 10, 2018

Although this task is focused on your POV and perspective calibrated by your past, it’s impossible to get a top end grade without following the postulates and recommendations suggested by professors. You must always mold your paperwork in a way that will be accepted by the cold-blooded system. What is

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

July 6, 2018

Many students believe that when the main part of scientific work is done, writing a close should have little difficulty, postpone it until a couple of days before handing over and go to relax and. realize how much they were mistaken when they start to work on it. It turns

Best Topics for Renaissance Research Paper

July 6, 2018

  Cultural tradition that has left us a rich heritage in various spheres of human activity – architecture, literature, painting, religion, history, and so on. This time has already passed but presented us a vast space of various scientific Renaissance research topics. If you want to devote your essay, term