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Microeconomics Paper Writing Guide & Topics

September 6, 2018

microeconomics paper


With the increasing number of companies, changing the structure of worldwide market trends, and making connections between countries, you may notice that the science of microeconomics plays the bigger role than ever. It helps us understand the nature of processes in economics and find the best way to solve issues. If you need to do a research for a paper, it is a very interesting task and you should do it well.


How to Write a Good Microeconomics Paper

You should understand what type of paper you need to write because there are many types like essays, term papers, dissertations, etc., and they have the different size and requirements. If you know the necessary size of a paper, its type, preferred style, and other guidelines, you can start working on the content.

You usually have to start with the research. On this step, you will find answers to essay questions, by using all methods that are available for you, including reading books and making polls. When you get a specific topic, you can see what are the main objectives, and it helps you to collect the information that you can include in your paper.

When you have all the necessary data, filter it and select what you need from it. Then, you will be able to draw an outline and develop the structure of the document. It depends on the paper type, like a research paper will contain more sections than an ordinary economics essay.

Continue to process your essay by filling it with the content. Write the text for each part, add tables and figures if needed, after completing this task, revise your paper. Check if it’s ready for a presentation and publication. It shouldn’t contain error and plagiarism and can be read easily.


How to Select a Topic for a Microeconomic Essay

Choose the area that is most exciting to you and you want to work with it more often. You can study consumer behavior, the advantages of small or big business, the impact of politics on economics, etc. You can’t write about all aspects of economics and that’s why you should select the most suitable for you.

Define the scope of your research needed for writing this paper. You can do a research on small companies and global movements, and the approach will be much different. That is why you should know how big is the area where you will be working.

To write a paper on a topic, you will need to find much information about its subject. Be sure your topic is not very rare that you would not find necessary data on it. Make a small research before selecting a title of your work and find out if you’re able to find needed information quickly.


Microeconomic Essay Features

There is no much difference between these and other papers. The structure of an economics essay would have many similar sections with a historical or medical essay. There are different methodologies and objects of study but the scientific approach will be similar when writing all these papers.

When writing a paper about an economy, you may also need knowledge from other fields of science, like mathematics for calculation, history for studying economics theories of the past, or marketing to understand the influence of an advertisement on economics. That is why there are much more similar points in microeconomics papers and other works.


How to Write a Good Topic or Such a Paper

Make a research to find a few hundreds of works written by professional economists. Take a look at their titles – these are the examples of how to name your essay correctly. The more you read their topics, the better you will name your paper depending on its main idea, elements of the content, the key concepts.

Make it interesting to readers who may look for this work. There are many methods to present the objectives of your paper in a small sentence but not all students know how to make this sentence sound well. Notice how to write the titles that grab your attention fast. However, even if you are going to get the attention of others very much, your title shouldn’t be false or misleading, it should represent the main objectives and claims of your paper, its scope and meaning, your key point, and what it is about.


Where to Find Examples of Microeconomic Essay

The first way to do it is searching in your library and online databases. Find the essays that have similar area and structure, use keywords and filters if needed. You will get the titles of many economics papers and be able to read them.

You can also find lists of topics on the Internet, many websites publish them to inspire students to create their own titles. When you look at how other people name their works, you understand that you can do it too.

In this article, you will also find a big list of ideas for your essay. You are not recommended to copy them because it is better to pick a unique topic but you can use our samples for inspiration before writing your own economics works.


The Microeconomics Topics for Everyone

– How does the Theory of production works and what are its key ideas?

– What are the most common and effective ways to reduce production costs and which of them modern companies should try?

– What is the monopoly and what is the effect it has on our economics?

– Is the role of game theory getting bigger in the context of economics and what it means for companies?

– What are the most common market structures and their role in our country and why?

– How can we predict the behavior of a consumer by using special technologies based on big data?

– What are the influence of the online shops on the economics of specific regions?

– What are the influence of global warming and its effects on the economics?

– The current challenges in the Supply and demand field and how they can be solved with minimal costs.

– How does the usage of natural products increase the price and popularity of products?

– How big companies should be able to make their production safer for ecology?

– The criteria for a professionally built process in business and what are the most notable examples of such processes in modern companies.

– Should companies stay focused on classic business principles?

– What are the effects of local manufacturing on the culture of the modern society and what is the influence it has on the customer behavior?

– What are the benefits of purchasing local products and how it helps others?

– Should the Government listen more to the biggest companies because they have a huge meaning for the economics and supply a lot of products to customers?

– What are the reasons why specific companies can grow their business rapidly?

– What are the impacts of social networks popularity?

– How do companies stay afloat in the competitive market if they don’t cheat and can they increase their profit rapidly if they use only good business approaches?

– How does creativity increase the growth of companies?

– How do prices depend on the mood and behavior of consumers and can we predict them by monitoring the actions of consumers?

– How to reduce the influence of weather on production?

– How are labor unions different in similar industries?

– Are the most popular marketing methods effective as people think and why many people consider them to be effective?

– What are the most underrated studies in the Consumer Demand theory?

– How does crowdfunding change the economics and nature of investments?

– How companies can help in fighting the pollution and its effects on ecology, how it improves their market positions?

– Should companies pay big taxes if they can be dangerous for nature?

– How to run the effective advertisement company with no risks?

– How online advertisement impacts the modern economics and should all companies invest much in their marketing campaigns?

– How can a company move from the small to big business in the shortest terms?

– What is the role of education in modern economics?

– What are the most needed lessons of the economics history that all companies should learn and use when planning their business?

– Will the games have a bigger influence on media market that they have now?

– How do plagiarism issues change the modern system of corporate planning?

– Can a company quickly reduce costs but not reduce the quality of its products and services?

– How to find the balance between demand and supply?

– What are the most notable ideas of modern economists that should be heard by companies?

– How can online marketing help companies to increase their number of clients and how much should they invest in it?

– Does religion have a big influence on economics in Islamic countries?

– How to test an experimental theory, whose effectiveness and safety have not been proven yet, with having no risks?

– How does fighting with fakes affect the economics of a company?

– How can electronic devices reduce costs and help companies to manage their processes quickly?

– Should all big companies invest in AI research to increase their profit?

– What are the fields where companies should not use robots but only humans?