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How to Write a Good Informative Essay

October 25, 2018

This type of papers lets you provide your readers with detailed information on something. It is like writing an encyclopedia page or a story of a person. A good informative essay helps your readers to learn much about its subject even if they weren’t familiar with it earlier.

You can divide your work on this paper into a few steps. As with any other essay, you need to prepare for writing, find the information you need for it, and check what other authors can tell you about the subject. Then, you need to work on the content of your paper with all the needed chapters. Finish your work by revising, proofreading, and publishing your paper whenever you need.

The process may take from several hours to several days or more, depending on the number of pages and your schedule. Many undergraduates think that this is a simple type of essays, and they can write it quickly, but in practice, you may waste much more time finding the necessary information.

Why It Is Not Simple

If you have much knowledge about something, you may think that other people are familiar with it too. However, it can be very difficult to explain something to different people. A few of them may get and be convinced in the ideas of your text from the first reading, but the others still don’t get your point even after a good explanation and examples.

If there is a lot of information about your subject, sometimes it is hard to consider which parts of it you need to include to the essay. Most usually, you have to describe your subject in a few pages, although you have found information that may take hundreds of pages.

You don’t just rewrite the information from other places. You create a similar but comprehensive description of your subject that can be used for teaching other people. You need to consider what to write in your paper and which examples and information formatting methodologies would work the best for your essay.

What you Shouldn’t Do When Writing an Informative Essay

There is no point in picking the topic that is not interesting and familiar to you. Many students pick random titles for their essays, it makes them write something that is boring them. To write a good paper, you need to make sure that it will be interesting to write, check also that you will be able to find the necessary information.

You shouldn’t be subjective. There are many types of essays that need you to express your personal point of view, but when you’re working with informative papers, you need to focus only on the facts. You may hate or like your subject, but the reader wants to get clear and unbiased information about something.

Prepare Before Writing

Check that you are familiar with all your requirements. It is not only the number of pages but also the writing style, references format, number of sections, etc. You may also be assigned to create a paper with a given topic, and if not, you should pick a topic that is interesting to you.

Read your topic and check whether it sounds well. Check that it represents the subject of your writing, it should inform readers about what they can get from this document if they start reading it.

Consider what is the central idea of your paper and make it the thesis statement of your work. Notice that everything you write in your document will be built around your central idea, that is why you should pay enough time writing it.

To write such a paper, you need to find much information about your subject. You can use different sources for it, like paper books, pages from journals, or popular websites. Collect all the facts you think will be needed for your essay. Then, you can read them again and consider which of them you should use in your writing.

Creating the Content

You need to write an outline before creating the main content of your paper, to do it, make a list of sections, subsections, and other chapters that are needed. Take into account the number of pages and other requirements of your assignment. Most of such papers consist of the:

– Introductionstart with it and use it for preparing your readers to the main chapters.

– Main bodythe big chapter with a few subsections where the main content is located.

– Conclusionprovide a summary of the previous parts.

This is the basic outline but you may have other requirements and additional sections like references lists

Then, write a draft for each of these sections. Write a brief description of each part and what do you want to put there, you can write in your own words and make errors while doing it.

When the draft is completed, you should rewrite it in the academic style. You also need to fix errors if you find them and extend the text fragments where needed, and as the result, you will get a ready paper with all chapters and paragraph.

What to Do After Writing

Don’t hurry to publish it or show it to your teacher. Believe it or not, even if you think that you’ve written everything well and you are fully satisfied with the content, you can be wrong. Read your document again and you may notice many illogical transitions. There also will be grammatical errors or very unclear moments. If you recognize that the essay wasn’t written well, proofreading will help you to get rid of these mistakes.

You can also use a few plagiarisms, grammar, and style checking applications. They are not perfect, but they may help you find more errors than you have found earlier, such software is fast and cozy and it would not take much time to use it. You can also contact your friends with the essay you’ve written about your topic. Ask them what they think about it.

If you think “My paper contains errors but I’m fully satisfied with it”, this approach is not good for you. If there are mistakes, plagiarism, and illogical moments, you will get a bad grade for it and it doesn’t help you in your studying. Don’t forget to spent just a little time on proofreading your text.

Tips of How to Write an Informative Essay

Don’t provide extra information that is not needed to your readers, avoid the information that isn’t connected with your subject or doesn’t help you to describe it in details.

If you need to write about something you aren’t familiar with, do a deep research to get a complete understanding of the subject. It will help you to be more informative and convincing in your writing.

Don’t provide new ideas in the conclusion. This part is needed to make a summary of what your readers learned from previous chapters, and all new and original ideas should be placed in the main body of your essay.

Consider the parts of the Main body. They can explain different sides of the subject or tell readers about different periods of its history. Each section much have its ideas and all these parts should be connected.

When using information from other places, you can be tempted to just copy it from original books and paste into your file. However, this approach is the way to plagiarism. To avoid it, you should rephrase original fragments and make references to sources for any cited fragment of your essay.

If you can’t find the information for your content, it means that you are looking for it in the wrong place. Try to find other websites, use the traditional libraries, and use other search engines except for Google. You should also remember that you need to use only credible websites for getting the information.

What Can Be your Subject?

You can write almost about anything in your paper, depending on your goals and preferences: if you need to solve the problems of illegal emigrants, you can write a paper about it. Like most of all students who have their public position, if you are going to fight domestic violence, you can also write a paper about what it is and how we can defeat this problem, and this works with any other social issue in the world.

If you are a fan of some writer, you can tell your readers about this person, describe who they were and what were their books about. If you are a fan of a good artist, tell about their biography and the most notable paintings; if these people are popular, it will not be difficult to find the needed information.

If you don’t know what to write about, ask other people what is interesting to them. If you are writing to be heard by your audience, you need to find out what your readers would like to learn that is why you should make a research of popular themes before picking a topic.

Here are a few examples of what your informative essay can be about:

– If you were able to meet some famous person from the past, who would it be?

– How people can live with no Facebook profiles or accounts in other worldwide social networks.

– What the tolerance is and why it is needed in our world.

– Your favorite film or book, why do you like it, what are your favorite episodes from it, and why would you recommend it to other people who like books or films.

– How we can fight poverty and why it is bad for our society.

– What it is to be homeless and how we can help those people to survive if they have eating disorders and other issues that need immediate help.

– The problem of teen pregnancy and the most effective ways to prevent it.

This is only the example of ideas you can use as your informative essay topics and there are many more outstanding ideas that should be researched. In any field, there is something that you can make the subject for your informative essay.