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How to Write Your Paper in 1 Day

October 3, 2018


When you have a difficult task, you need much time for doing it. If you don’t have this time, you should use different tricks and methodologies to complete the task on time and don’t fail while doing it. When it comes to working on papers, it would be hard to create a good essay in one day. But you can try it and succeed.

Plan Your Day

If you have just a few hours to complete this task, you need a small plan with the main steps. Consider how much time you can allocate on picking a topic, doing a research, creating the draft, writing the main content and revising it. For each task, estimate more hours than you think you need. You may have interruptions or additional tasks while writing.

Use your experience for creating such a plan, and remember how many hours do you usually need for writing each of your essay sections. The amount of time you need also depends on the size and complexity of the task because bigger papers need more hours. You may need to go outside to complete your research. It may take even more hours than you thought.

Many students forget to allocate time to revise their papers, but your task is not finished when you write the last word of your essay. After doing it, you need to read your essay to find errors, check it for plagiarism and other issues, check the correctness of all your content. Only after proofreading is finished, you can think that you have written your paper completely.

Avoid All Distractions

The more you need to work, the more distractions you may find on your way. It is especially difficult to avoid distractions when you need to complete a very complex and boring task because everything around you grabs your attention. But if you are going to finish this activity on time, you have no other way except resisting such distractions.

You should think about the things that can grab your attention more than your current task. Turn off your TV, log out from your messengers, block all entertainment websites if needed, and concentrate only on writing your essay. It can be difficult but you will see how much extra time you can get by doing it.

Start It Now

Even when students have only one day for writing their essays, they use to postpone it. If you think “I can start it in an hour or after 12:00 PM”, you will keep procrastinating until it will be too late and the quality of your paper will be very bad. That is why you should start doing things now and not postponing them.

If you start early, you will have extra time for writing your essay, you will also have more hours for a revision and it helps you to increase the quality. During the process of writing, students notice that they need more time than they planned before because of the long research, that is why a few extra hours are needed for you.

Control Your Progress

If you have a plan, look at it every 20, 30, or 60 minutes. Check that you keep the pace and can complete your task until tomorrow. If you realize that you are working too slow, try to increase the speed of writing or do other things to finish your job on time, but don’t reduce its quality in the process.

If you look at the clock every minute, you may panic and not concentrate on what you are doing, and if you look at the clock too rarely, you may not notice that you lag behind the schedule. That is why you should find the balance and learn to control yourself if you are going to handle such difficult tasks.

Eating and Other Necessary Activities

If you can write your essay from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, it doesn’t mean that you have 5 hours for writing. You will also need to eat, relax for a few minutes, and do other necessary things, that is why you should include them to your schedule when planning it.

If you don’t eat or breathe the fresh air, it would make you feel worse and it is not healthy. Even if it gives you extra time to write your paper, the quality of it would decrease and you can get the worse grade. That is why you should do breaks when working, just don’t make them too long and keep focused on your task.

Improve Your Skills of Searching

When you are doing a research, you are looking for the information online. For any common search query, you can get millions of results, and if you read many of them, you may waste a lot of minutes or even hours. That is why you should make your research short and try to find only the most relevant results.

To do it well, you should learn to get the necessary information quickly, and there are many tutorials for fast and productive online searching. Of course, this advice works if you read it before the day when you need to write your essay so you will have the necessary time to learn fast googling.

Make References Wisely

Create the list of sources. When you use an external source for writing, add its name and the number of pages to this list. When you will make inline citations, it would help you to find your sources quickly and you will not need to read them again. Check that there are correct citations for any sentence that was taken from other sources, and if you don’t do it, you will need to spend much more time on struggling plagiarism.

Read Useful Samples

Look for examples of such papers online. If you have a common topic and the type of paper is traditional, you will find many samples and be able to read them online or download. It helps you understand how to write your paper and gives you inspiration for picking a topic. It is also useful for doing a research and writing your essay.

Examples let you work quickly, avoid common mistakes, use the correct citation and formatting style. They also show you how to express your thoughts, what parts are needed in your essay, and how to write them fast. You can save many hours if you will see what your paper should be.

Other Tips for Fast Writing

– If you can be tempted to read your Facebook feed every ten minutes, ask your friend to change your Facebook password. If you have access to your profile, you may spend a lot of time there and don’t complete your essay when you need it. That is why you should protect yourself from distractions this way.

– Use online tools or sites. If you don’t want to waste your time, use Google Docs and other websites that help you to organize your content quickly. It also lets you save your data in the cloud and this will help you to access your paper from two or more devices. It works even if you need to go outside for doing the research.

– If you have problems with writing a paragraph, you can skip it and move on, by starting writing other sections. You can return to this paragraph later when you will have more ideas for it. It also helps you to make transitions between paragraphs when they will be written.

– To write a paper, you need to have the guidelines, it will give you tips on how to write the content, what elements it should contain, and how big it should be. Show that you can create a good paper based on your guidelines.

– Check for other information about your document, and if there are any special requirements, you should have them before starting.

– If you find many websites with information for your essay, don’t check all of them because it takes hours, keep reading them until you will see that you already have enough content for your document. The top search results usually contain the most relevant information for your document.

– Working with something you already familiar with is a quick way to write an essay. If you can pick any topic you want, it is recommended to write about something familiar to you, you will not have to spend too much time doing the necessary research.

Don’t let your fast writing decrease the quality of your document, and even if you have a lack of time, read the paper a few times before you are sure that it’s good for publishing. Find the place where you have a right environment for studying and start working on your document.