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How to Write an Essay Introduction

August 29, 2018


Almost every person knows that essay writing takes many efforts and requires a lot of time. Yes, it does. But writing a composition gives a good chance to demonstrate the writing skills, to represent the writer’s own points of view, to express his/her opinions and to support any data by adequate and valid information.

You have a wonderful opportunity to develop all your talents in writing if you are going to become a journalist. But the representatives of other professions write essays as well, which is why it is important and useful to be acknowledged about different requirements set for essay writing. The specific features and the definite structure of every part of an assignment should be followed and adhered to. The general structure of the essay is the following:

1. The Introduction; 

2. The Main Part; 

3. The Conclusion. 

The structure of the assignment can vary, but what remains the same is the tone of the whole work. the details and qualitative beginning and conclusion of the assignment.

How to Write a Good Introductory Paragraph

A good way to start a essay is to tell a story: funny, sad, serious or mind-blowing. It does not matter what your story is about, but it should be relevant to the subject and have a connection with. It can be real about a real person or a real event. It can also be fictional about a myth. It can even an anecdote. But your story should be short and should be linked with the Main Part.

The thesis or the main idea can be this link which provides the reader with the understanding that the story has been written with a purpose. A thesis is a sentence where you represent your point of view concerning the definite subject. After it, you go ahead and provide more details about the other information relating to your subject.

One more option to start your essay is to ask a question to your reader relating to the subject. A question which makes the reader think about will make your work remarkable. The question should be written in simple words to be taken as a short overview of your paperwork and to be understood by all readers. If your question is all-around, ask a couple of additional questions to bring the topic closer.

Write a quotation at the beginning is a good variant for the introductory paragraph. Do not grab the first quotation you will find only because the words from the topic are written in it. The more precise the quotation the more successful your introductory part is. The words of the famous people or proverbs always attract the audience. Do not forget to indicate an author of the quotation unless it is a proverb.


Common Mistakes

Have you ever thought why some readers did not read your essay till its end? This is about a good introduction to your essay. The initial sentences of your introductory paragraph are able to catch the attention of the reader or to leave him unsatisfied and upset. What are the common mistakes you should avoid if you don’t want to lose your reader?

a) Never start writing an essay with the phrases like: “ The goal of this work is”, “ I have faced this situation and decided to discuss it in my work”, “In this essay, the following issues are going to be considered”. You may add these words but not at the beginning of the introductory paragraph;

b) Never write your introductory part starting with a definition. The definition is a way to start an ordinary school composition but not an assignment of the 21st century.

c) Never load the reader with a long and senseless beginning. If your reader does not find in the first sentences the information he is looking for, he will give up reading. Is it what you need?

d) Never express doubt in your essay. If the reader feels that you have doubts about the topic you are discussing, you will lose him/her. Do your best to avoid the following phrases: “It seems to me that”, “I am not confident, but”. These phrases should not be used in the very beginning of your essay.

A Secret of a Good Introduction

Many people think that the longer the Intro is the better the whole work is. But the contrary is the truth. If you are able to express the main idea and to provide the thesis with some extra info in 5 sentences, you should do this. It is the first sentence that catches the reader’s attention and the next two or three give more but brief info about the subject. The last couple of sentences explain the idea of the work, the value of the whole study and possible application.

Having done with the Intro, read it several times and put yourself in the reader’s shoes. If you are not going to change a thing in your work, ask somebody else to read it. It is natural that you like your essay, but you cannot critically assess it. It is another person who is able to give some comments and propose to amend something. It is up to you whether you will take these comments into account or not.