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How to Write an Autobiography Essay

October 11, 2018


People like to read stories of other people. It helps them gain more knowledge, know how to solve different problems, and learn many interesting facts they didn’t know before. If you need to tell other people about a moment from your life, you can do it by writing an autobiography paper.

When doing such a task, you share your unique experience with other interested people, you can use it as a tool for convincing or presenting your skills. The ability to create autobiographical texts would be very helpful when working on your CV, applying to a university, or publishing on your personal web page.

Even if you tell stories from your life often, it can be difficult to write it as an essay. You need to make it meet the academic style requirements. You should use the appropriate format and avoid grammatical errors.

Define the Purpose of Your Autobiography Paper

Before picking a topic and title for your work, consider what you want to achieve by creating this paper. If it’s just a story that you add to your job application, such a piece of writing would differ much from a story that you tell your readers to entertain them and share your experience.

When writing about a notable moment of your life, students also have different goals. You are able to write a paper about any of your accomplishments like winning the gold medal or the high school graduation. You can also write about how you handled some difficult and dangerous moments in the past. If you’re going to share your meaningful experience that changed your vision of the world, you can also do it by writing this essay.

Real stories have different meanings and goals. They can make people cry or smile, teach them what to do in complicated situations, or show how they should not do. Defining your goal is crucial for writing a good essay because it would influence the style, the choice of the story, and the way how you present it to readers.

Pick a Good Story

Consider what moment from your life would be a good plot for an autobiography essay. Even if you are very young, there are many moments that you can share with others. If you don’t remember much from your past, use your diaries or other information sources that contain the memories from the previous years.

This story should not be very long, you should be able to write it on a few pages of your document. This story shouldn’t also be very short because you need to provide details for your readers, it must have meaning for you and also be interesting for your readers.

If you need to make your readers smile, remember some funny moments. If you are going to teach them, use the story that taught you something crucial, and if you have a goal to present yourself in the best light, write about your winnings or other achievements.

You should also consider your audience and what they would like to hear from you. If your story would not be much interesting to them or if they would consider it boring, there is no reason to telling such a story to them, that is why you need to choose something that would grab their attention.

Autobiography Essay Outline

Like any other essay you have written earlier, this autobiographical writing consists of a few sections. If there are no special requirements, it will contain the following three parts:

– Introduction. If this is a simple autobiography for applying, write about who you are now, where you study or work, and what are your objectives, and if your essay is about a moment from your like, write a few brief paragraphs to encourage people for reading. You can tell about yourself, your goals and hobbies, and provide other information that would help your readers to get the context of your story.

– Main body. If you are writing an essay to add it to your CV, just provide a list of years and places where you were born, studied, married, worked, and did other meaningful things. If your paper is a story from your previous experience, tell this story inside the main body of your document.

– Conclusion. Show what you understand from the past and what your readers can get from your story, this section can be connected with the list of your objectives.


Write Your Own Story

Start filling your document with the content. Create the text for each chapter in your own words, tell about your experience and what did you get from it, and unlike in most of the types of essays, you should always write in the first person.

Don’t provide details that don’t help your readers and are not connected with the general idea of your story. But you should provide details that support your story and help your readers imagine it; if you add the information about your feelings or thoughts, it would be much easier for your readers to imagine what you have experienced.

You should also describe the setting and context of the moment you are writing about. Write about the place, its location, people that were around you, how you get there, and why you were there, each of these details can be needed to understand your ideas and intentions correctly.

Make transitions. If you jump from a paragraph to another paragraph and there are gaps in your story, it wouldn’t help your readers and make them wonder what is wrong. Check that your writing is consistent and your readers can understand your experience from the moment when it started to the conclusion.


Autobiography Essay Writing Tips

– Before creating your autobiography, you have to plan it well. Don’t start if you have no plan or understanding what to tell on the pages of this paper.

– If you can’t consider what to tell about, examples can help you with it, look what other people tell in such papers and that will help you with your own tasks.

– To write an autobiographical essay, you need to make it personal. Don’t feel like you telling about another person, but focus on something that you usually tell your friends and family.

– Check your grammar. If you are not sure in your knowledge of grammar, you should read your paper again and fix the errors. You can use the special software to create your essay with the minimum number of grammatical errors.

– Proofread your text. After writing your life story, you need to check if there are no logical errors and unclear moments. You may need to add more details, create logical transitions, and add other elements to make it a good autobiography.

– Ask other people to help you to complete this assignment. They may have more experience and give your necessary tips on it, you can also find a guide on how to create such an essay.

Check that you use only the true facts in your essay for college. If you are telling your readers about something that haven’t really happened to you, it may cause problems with understanding.

– If you decided to start your text with a quote, it is not a good practice for this type of papers, because you should start directly with the beginning, don’t use quotes if not necessary.

– Write the intriguing beginning of your essay to make readers move further.

– You can use flashbacks and other ways in order to make your paper more interesting and intriguing.

– Even if you are sure that you are a good writer and you did no mistakes, show it to other people and ask them to check it for any problems.

– Read other biographies and check how professionals do it. You don’t need to read the big biographical books, just the brief and short pieces that have a size similar to your essay.

– Check that you are using the right style and formatting, and if you have guidelines, you can find out how do you need to format your paper and make it meet all the requirements.

– If there were many other people in your story, you should describe their personalities.