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How to Write a Lab Report in Experimental Science

September 4, 2018

How to Write a Lab Report

Sooner or later, students face a certain test, namely: you need to know how to write a lab report worthily. Through such practical tasks, it is possible to confirm or disprove the hypothesis by demonstrating own datum and inferences. They could become a fragment of the general scholarly baggage or serve as a foundation for pilot exploration.

The algorithm of laboratory work includes performing theoretical calculations, obtaining actual data in practice using the appropriate equipment, consolidating, and analyzing the outcomes obtained in documentary-reporting form. As a rule, such a document involves the next elements:

A title reflects an urgent substance, in less than 10 words. Employ the clue terms to easily dig out a paper, both in the lib and on the Internet-space.

A short statement consists of one rubric, which presents the aim of the study, evidence, and dominant summaries.

The introduction defines the research subject, fundamental gossip, and topical publications already undertaken in the mentioned vector. Emphasize the dominant guesses and schemes of the conceived experiments.

The body is based on theory and practice: the first one involves a description of the investigated section. When forming this part, articles, books, and other academic papers devoted to the theme of the laboratory document are explored. The goal of its composition is a comprehensive analysis of the selected item. The practice is to apply and consolidate the knowledge gained – here, the course of action is described in detail along the experiment.

The catalog of tools and means specifies the environment and key concept. You have to provide the reader with enough details so that he/she can comprehend the essence but was not overwhelmed by their number. If the procedure is accurately depicted in another experimental document, just mention this source and mark that the principles can be found here.

The results concentrate on controversial points, more than on trivial nuances. Summarize the data by using tables, graphs, charts; interpret the findings in the context of a pre-selected category; clarify the thought that allows you to prove or disagree with your original hypothesis.

References are related to only those academic documents that were used in the work. Adhere to the recommended format for quoting authors.

In a laboratory paper, try to present the material logically and accurately, avoiding uncertainties, especially with pronouns and consistency. Lead your narrative impersonally – this is not the place where you need to show your literary talents but do not forget about the harmonization of times and cases.

The numbering should begin with the title page, but there will not be any numbers on it. Headings usually should be highlighted in bold and should be arranged taking into account other indents from the edges of the sheet. Paragraphs are numbered with Arabic numerals. After a final sentence, ask a good friend to read your text and comment on content or literacy.

Thus, here is how to write a lab report correctly. Certain demands for work design may also be requested by every educational institution or teacher, but the above advice will be useful to you. Summing up this conversation, we note that before the delivery of the report, it is worth carefully checking it and analyzing the received outputs, most importantly their correlation with the initially proposed research requests.