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How to Write a Discursive Essay?

September 20, 2018

“Arguing with somebody is never pleasant, but sometimes it is useful and necessary to do so.” Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

In the discursive essay, the author researches an argument creating a couple of opposing perspectives. In such a way, a writer presents their position to the reader and proves that one of this opinion is true or not providing a reader with arguments. To prove their opinion, the author maintains their claim with the persuasive arguments through the text.


How to Write a Discursive Essay?

To write this type of essay, a writer should choose a topic for their investigation. You can choose any topic you want, but you should focus on the controversial topics causing discussions.


The Structure of a Discursive Essay

As any other type of the essays, a discursive essay includes several inherent parts:

– Introduction;

– Body;

– Conclusion.

Each of these parts is very important and plays its own role in the text so that you should pay attention to each of them. In the introduction, you should state the topic and explain why it’s so important. In this part of the text, an author should also name the thesis statement, that they should develop in the body part. Also, one of the most important roles of the introductory part is to hook a reader from the very beginning. For this, you can use different literary methods and techniques, including different jokes, anecdotes, aphorisms, and others.

In the body components, you should cover the topic and provide a reader with different arguments for both opposing parts. You should write several opposite points and develop them. This type of essay doesn’t provide a reader with a sing right thought and explains that the points can be many. Before writing an essay, you should create an outline and write down several points that will help you in writing an academic paper. And you should make sure that every thought has its own a counterargument. That’s why to get a balance in the text, you should oppose every position to the opposite position and make sure that if you have five points, you have five counterarguments. In this case, your text will be bright and alive, and a reader will be read it with a great interest to the end.

You should provide a reader with arguments in order from the strongest to the weakest one and move from one argument to another. It resembles a “ping-pong” game. The outline of the body consists of several arguments and looks like:

– Position A;

– Position B;

– Position A;

– Position B.

Every individual argument should be placed in every individual paragraph and you can write any number of paragraphs, but if you write the essay for the class, there should be at least four paragraphs.

You should choose really strong and valid arguments, that it will be difficult to argue against. This method will make the text of the academic paper exciting and really interesting when you will provide a reader with a counter-argument.

The conclusion of the academic paper includes the summary of the text. You should present your own opinion on this topic and explain to the reader why you have chosen this opinion. Also, you should explain to the reader why it’s difficult to choose one of the offered claims.


Fill in the Content

If you have well thought the structure of the essay, you should fill in the content. You should find a lot of interesting citing valid sources. You should believe everything you meet and find scientific studies and valid statistics. Providing a reader with different points, stay objective without supporting any of the points. A reader should choose the right position without your help.

I’d like to give you several tips:

– You should stay in the formal third person writing a body paragraph;

– Before writing, you should arrange a brainstorm and create “mind-map” helping you write an essay;

– When it comes to every individual position, try to accept this position. You can imagine that you want to convince your opponent of your position, though you don’t support this idea. Also, you should keep the third person writing style.


The important components of the essay:


When it comes to the style of the essay, a writer should provide a reader with arguments for both sides. Only in the conclusion, the writer should express its own idea.


List of Arguments

To support every point, you should provide a reader with reasons, examples, and facts. Reasons are very important to justify the statement the writer tries to prove. Also, the examples are very important, because they allow illustrating every argument and supporting the point. Reading examples, a reader can face the argument more closely. Facts help the writer to establish a final stand.



At first, you should check whether the essay fits the outline and whether it could be named the discursive essay. You should pay your attention to the layout, linking, and the style of the paper. After writing, you should proofread and edit your essay searching for grammatic, lexical, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes.


Several Tips on How to Write This Type of Essay

A writer should set a discourse in action. For this, you should choose a suitable topic and cover it. After choosing the topic for your academic paper, you should investigate the arguments supporting your own position and the position of your opponent. You should carefully study every argument and extract elements bringing about controversies with your point.

To reach the best results in writing your essay, you should follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Choose the question that you want to answer to;

2. Specify your point;

3. Investigate the positions of opponents and followers;

4. You should explain why one of the position is right and why another position isn’t right;

5. Think of arguments and write down.

The evidence of different positions aren’t so compulsive, but if you provide a reader with proofs and evidence, you will look wiser in the eyes of the reader and the rightness of your position enhances.


What Shouldn’t You Do Writing the Discursive Essay?

Many people think that writing essays is a very easy task, but they are mistaken. As in any other deal, there are a lot of hidden hazards here. How to avoid them? When you are writing your discursive essay, you shouldn’t be rude in providing proofs and pieces of the evidence. You should demonstrate a reader your position very politely. To provide a reader with arguments, you should show your tolerance.

Also, you should avoid the next things:

– Don’t try to overstate your position;

– Don’t pay attention only to one position, try to develop two opposite positions equally;

– Don’t pretend that your own position is single right, keep your objectivity;

– Don’t provide a reader with the facts which you are not sure about;

– Don’t apply the slang or jargon words that can unclear to the audience. Every reader needs to understand your essay. That’s why try to be clear for everyone. Don’t use difficult for understanding phrases and statements confusing your reader.

All these details are very important in creating the essay. You shouldn’t overload your essay with unclear concepts and unreliable facts.


Topics for the Discursive Essay

1. Which role do the zoos play in the life of people? Are they places for entertaining or places causing the suffering of the animals in the cages?

2. The role of the woman in the contemporary world. How does a woman combine the family, husband, children, work and her own ambitions?

3. How does the Internet and IT influence the development of the children? The implementation of the innovative technologies in the education.


In conclusion, writing this type of the essay, an author should demonstrate a reader different positions and provide them with persuasive arguments. From these positions, an author should choose one and write about it in the conclusion. Also, you shouldn’t forget that in a dispute, the truth borns.