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History Essay Writing Tips

October 5, 2018

The goal of compiling a history essay is not only to retell the event or to describe a person who left a mark on the offspring. This type of creative literary work develops the personality of the author and allows you to develop and formulate your own evaluative judgment. The opinion received in the process of in-depth analysis and expressed in a competent language allows the formatting of the assessed priorities that constitute the integrity of the individuality.

The Main Features of a History Essay

This type of essay is a kind of test of outstanding events or characters that matter in the historical evolution of a humankind. In addition, in the process of working on such a composition, the author develops an important skill in proper information organizing, with the susequent provision of data in a free form, which makes it easier to perceive the information received.

Criteria for Сompiling a History Essay

In order for the composition to correspond to the declared type, the written work is to meet some certain rules, which requires the genre of the essay to be worked on.

The author should mention at least two or more historical events, phenomena or persons in the text.

When writing this type of essay you are to describe the degree of their significance for a certain period of the history of humanity as a whole.

There is a need to display cause-effect relationships in the description.

The author`s assessment, his personal opinion about the facts described by him, is important.

Thematic concepts and terms for the selected topic should be correctly included in the text.

The Sequence of Stages of a History Essay Compilation

1. You are to decide on the historical period that will be the basis of your essay

It is recommended to work on the historical period in which you are best versed. This will maximize the depth of the topic description. If knowledge is not enough, it is the best way to use any additional literature, to turn to encyclopedias, or to thematic archival records.

2. Do not forget to highlight its main characteristics

This can be a brief description of the era, the distinctive features of this historic period, or any generalized concepts.

3. Choose the facts or the names of historical personalities that correspond to the topic.

When selecting the interesting facts, you can rely on its both existing types – either a historical or a scientific-historical one. The top one reflects an objective transmission of tidings information. The second one reveals the concept or character with the addition of a subjective assessment of the opinion leaders among the scientists, politicians, influential persons, etc.

Do not deal with the enumeration of events, names of phenomena that give an understanding of a history. Highlight the events that are considered significant and reflect as fully as possible the specifics of the selected period. When talking about a person, emphasize the role that he played for humanity, confirming his theses with the historical facts, dates, links for any documents.

4. An evaluation knowledge is to be included in the text

These may be the same or opposing scientific points of view, descriptions or versions of certain events that took place in history. The evaluation takes into account the depth of the problematic disclosure, as well as the quantity of the reasoning of each judgment.

5. Identification of the cause-and-effect relationships

The success of this section greatly increases the level of the essay as a whole since everything in the world is interconnected, a skill is the ability to provide analysis of the facts, to identify the causes and consequences of an event or a decision and the activity of mental work started in writing through the findings demonstrates the author`s understanding of the topic and his literary abilities. If a certain event or a decision was preceded by several reasons, it is necessary to select the right determinant correctly.

6. Chronology of the facts` presentation.

Since history is a run of sequences that took place in a clearly marked chronology, them it is necessary to adhere to this logic in the essay. Create a schema from a chain of events or the appearance of outstanding names that have a well-defined consistent relationship between themselves.

Interference for a Good History Essay

A number of significant errors can become an obstacle to the path to the high results. In order not to commit them, it is necessary to pay attention to the fundamental aspects.

1. Carefully approach is the selection of the most important root causes that are supplemented with the minor concomitant motives, which led to this or that event, phenomenon or solution.

2. It is not obvious to insert a description of the facts in the text. This is not a survey essay and the reader just needs to know why this or that fact happened.

3. The author should analyze the casual relationships when supplementing with the facts and then logically arrange them in a smooth text. The pure description of the events is not suitable for this type of essay.

Algorithm for a History Essay Composition

Like the other kinds of essays, this type of composition has a traditional form of the basis, on which the descriptions and examples that are specific to it are superimposed.

1. The title.

The heading choice should as accurately reflect the topic and tell the reader what information the author intends to share with the audience in his written work.

2. The introduction.

This section, which usually consists of three or five sentences, briefly describes the essence of the period that will be discussed in the text.

3. The body of the essay.

This is the main and therefore the most voluminous section where the author gives the facts, reveals the theses and the cause-effect relations, adds additions in the form of examples, descriptions or textual illustrations. If the presence in the central part of the essay is more than two mentions of any historical facts made by history specialists, scientists or famous personalities, the higher the quality of the work as a whole.

4. The final part

This section summarizes all of the above-shown facts and thoughts. The author presents a personal assessment of the significance of the period, personalities, events or any facts that he considered necessary to include in his work. The theses mentioned in the opening paragraphs are written in the final part once again but it is added with conclusions and generalized explanations received through the problem analyses.

For the optimal perception of the text, all sections should be divided into paragraphs, which in turn, should be intertwined in the meaning. A wordless and clear expression of thoughts will make the text readable and interesting.

A detailed plan will help to adhere to the structured course of the presentation. Each item will become a reminder of the author`s original point of view and will facilitate the task of building a clear and logical context.

In order to cope with the task perfectly, it is necessary to determine the topic and choose the title of the future work.

21 Good History Essay Topics

The proposed variants of the topics will help the student to determine the choice and will lead to a brilliant idea about the upcoming literary and historical research.

1. The governmental structure of a middle-aged Europe.

2. Social habits in the Rome Empire.

3. The labor structure of the ancient Egyptians.

4. The evolution of an African continent.

5. The Maya peoples` phenomena and evolution tragedy.

6. The long way to the American democratic system.

7. The present and the past of the United States.

8. The inheritance in the Britain monarchy destiny.

9. Geographic location as one of the reasons for Japan long period of isolation.

10. Specific religion and spirituality as a part of African lands evolution.

11. The cultural aspects in the formation of statehood in Scotland.

12. The outstanding politicians of Wales, Scotland and the Nothern Ireland.

13. The Stonehenge as a spiritual place for Britain.

14. The way the British Empire was established.

15. The history of the British colonies.

16. The emergence of American democracy.

17. Significant events that lead Great Britain to the leading countries.

18. The Britain monarch court contribution to the development of the country in the 19 th century.

19. The role of the Clinton family in the history of the USA.

20. The moral side of the Britain public administration during the Dark Ages period.

21. Prominent personalities in the 1989 American occupation period.

A history essay is an interesting presentation of the facts framed in a unique opinion of the author. These items cannot absolutely coincide with the personal reflections of the reader. The acquaintance with the vision of another person for the facts of the history makes one look as well-known concepts under different points of view.

Write the essays more often, master your skills, do not forget to seek the help from professionals who will assist to achieve high results in writing.