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Expository Essay Topics Ideas 

August 15, 2018

The success of compiling an expository essay depends entirely on the depth of understanding of the concept of this style and what exactly is embedded in the task. Bibliographic and Internet sourses offer different interpretations of this type of paper writing. In order not to make a lot of mistakeswhen choosing various topics, it is necessary to study in detail the description of the concept.

Expository Essay Topics


Tips for Outstanding Expository Essay Writing

The majority of linguists explain the expository essay as a simple type of composition where the selected topic is revealed thanks to the facts provided, rather the existing public or author`s opinion. It is a theme explanation in an obvious, peculiar and consistent manner. The author`s aim is to give the information to the reader that is free of his individual thoughts and prejudices. It is an examination of any unique topic, based on the suppoting evidence evaluation and an argument assertion. The main rule is to concentrate on the explanation while writing an expository composition.

This is a king of a story, that is based on the chosen topic, when the author is taking into account the facts that occur in real life.

To open a topic in a proper way, it is recommended to compare or indicate the contrast features of the question or to show the problem and its solvation.


An Expository Essay Structure

It is one of the various kinds of essay that demand a typical structure. It consists of three main parts.


1. Introduction.

This part includes thesis sentence. The chosen topic of this statement is to be based on the facts.

2. The body paragraph.

3. Summary / conclusion.


Context influences the length of every essay. 


Varieties of Expository Essay Styles


1. How to essaya literary composition that explains how to do something. 

2. Analytican essay where an analysis of events and concepts takes place. 

3. Step by step essaya description of any process. 

4. Descriptivea sterling explanation of any historical event.


Themes can be taken from different areas of human life or surrounding world. The main thing is to make an essay to answer a number of questions, set in the topic, explain the existence of any subject, process, origin, meanings, features, etc.

Inspiration for choosing a topic can be drawn from textbooks, interviews, newspaper articles and bibligraphical directories, news feed in any social network, websited or from TV screens.


List of Interesting Expository Essay Topics


1. Explain the political decisions leading up to confrontation between England and France in 17th century. 

2. Explain how to manage the large enterprise. 

3. Describe the pattern and options of the cryptocurrency. 

4. Explain the process of aging changes. 

5. Background life in the Buckingham Palace: secrets of the Windzor. 

6. How religious tales are born. 

7. What mosquito extinction means for the Earth planet. 

8. Why did the World Wide Web become very significant for humanity. 

9. Why are Cola and teenagers go together like bees and flowers? 

10. World Economic Crisis of 2008: what has aroused the problem? 

11. The evolution of famous American politicians` appearance. 

12. How to cope with Indigo children? 

13. Why is a Black Square painting by Malevich of great interest in the world of art? 

14. Blog or advertising? The efficient Social Media methods for today business promotion. 

15. Facts, that answer the question who has the greatest superpower: Lady Bug or a Wonder Woman? 

16. How to understand the dog`s bad behaviour? 

17. How to enrich menu with a healthy food when travelling in unknown countries? 

18. What kind of charity is the most efficient for African peoples? 

19. How do modern schools succeed in preventing bullying? 

20. The reason that makes children bully. 

21. How does Internet Technologies change the life of human beings? 

22. The vivid advantages and disadvantages of a “smart house”. 

23. Allergic reactions capture the planet year after year. 

24. How is it possible to help the people to avoid serious diseases leading up the timeless death? 

25. Why do children with Down syndrome born too often recently? 

26. Are contacts with aliens really take place in our world ever? 

27. Did aliens take the earthlings away for diferent experimental researches? 

28. Is depression a traditional form of feelings or a serious problem for teenagers in the USA? 

29. How does great information pressure influence the mental development of every individual of modern young generation? 

30. What emotions ruin the imperfect child`s psyche? 

31. Is it advantage or disadvantage to be smarter than the others are? 

32. Is IQ criteria knowing really can change the life of a person? 

33. What is a problem between generations? 

34. Do the parents need to ban the most video gmes for kids? 

35. What is the mechanism of cryptocurrency mining? 

36. What is the purpose of creating numerous deadly games for teenagers in the Internet? 

37. What are the main aspects of monarchy? 

38. What is positive and negative in democratic form of government? 

39. What is the purpose of parliament? 

40. What is the most gain for the agressive countries in any war conflict? 

41. What are the best and the worst Internet options? 

42. Why country life positively effects the children? 

43. What is the worst doctor from the child`s point of view? 

44. Why do people need any traditions? 

45. Is religion helpful or it is an inner human resource that helps in different situations? 

46. How to realize the shopping disease? 

47. Why do people need to be married? 

48. Is divorce the best way out of complicated relations? 

49. Why Catholic and Orthodox wear wedding rings on opposite hands? 

50. Which one religion is the most sympathetic? 

51. Why do people need a pet? 

52. Is a dog or a cat can replace a human friend? 

53. What animals are to be ban as home pets? 

54. What is required for technic disciplines at colleges? 

55. Are technical studies more difficult to learn than the linguistic ones? 

56. What is the world Fashion Industry for? 

57. Why do some people accumulate milliards of dollars if it is not possible to spend them all? 

58. What is the history of your family? 

59. What are your neighbours? 

60. What personal features are important for a pair selection? 

61. Who are the people you used to communicate with? 

62. Is a diploma a key for promising future? 

63. What influences the choice of profession? 

64. Why do you want to have IPhone? 

65. What is the history of your college or university? 

66. Why do people like to look at the fire? 

67. What helps to stay young for years? 

68. Why do people prefer paper books for the digital devices? 

69. What is differ at your school for last ten years? 

70. How to protect every child in the world from violence? 

71. What people are your college professors? 

72. Why do people like to get information about scandals? 

73. Describe the unique building in the place you live. 

74. What are the arguments for separate students` living from parents? 

75. Why is it a lot of single people in the world?


This tips will help in this kind of paper writing that is very popular among students, HR specalists and in large companies. To succeed in expository essay writing make your composition in a simple language and try to avoid academic words and long phrases.