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Exploratory Essay Topics Ideas

August 3, 2018



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Exploratory Essay Research Tips

Essays are devided into several types. In order to write a good composition, it is necessary to understand the options that are the distinguishing features of every written work. An exploratory essay is a composition in which various opinions and points of view are set forth that are judged in acordance with the chosen theme and title.

The exploratory essay, that will be discussed in this article, requires a detailed analysis, which maximally reveals the topic and not only involves a short commeent or the display of a fact. Good arduments, considered from different points of view, will make it possible to fully disclose the task.


Features of The Explorary Essay

For most students, writing a composition in the style of research is difficult because in such an essay not only reasearch on a given topic is conducted, but personal reasoning is also required.

The exploratory essay gives the complete freedomfor studdying the question. This experience allows you to gain in-depth knowledge of a particular topic and to think about the chosen theme without prejudice.


Structure of the Exploratory Essay


1. An introduction. 

2. A hook question. 

3. A body. 

4. A conclusion


An outline in the field of research does not imply the existence of a thesis. Submit your reflections in batches of every section. Having determined the problems at the very beginning, in the course of the text the author offers solutions, exploring every single option in detail.

To the conclusionthe reader understands which of the proposed options is the most suitable. Perhaps, the author will manage to create hypothetical situations, which will greatly embellish the text and make it as interesting as possible.

As for the introduction, it should lead the reader from the first lines, so that it would be interesting to know what exactly led to certain conclusions and why this topic was chosen. When concidering certain solutions, the ideal option is to provide illustrative examples that help to understand the author`s point of view more clearly.

The presentation of the text in the exploratory essay should create an image of the unfolded picture, that helps to represent the depth of processing of the collected material.


Topic Selection

The key task in the preparatory phase of starting work on an exploratory essay is to select a topic. In other words, it is necessary to outline the range of research and to focus on the problem that you intend to study carefully. Subsequently, it will help to share your thoughts on this matter, outlining them on several pages of a personal exploratory essay.

It is easier to write if if you select a familiar theme. You can explore the question taken from any field of knowledge. Let it be politics, agriculture, food, social science, children, innovative technologies or something interesting for people.

Come deliberately to the choice of the exploratory essay topic, so that you have the opportunity not only to describe the problems, but also to find out and investigate the solutions.

In order to determine for yourself the range of questions to be asked, you should use examples of the most revalent or, conversely, original topics. Explore the proposed topics or build of your own, raise topical issues and find the most effective decisions.


Exploratory Essay Topics Ideas List


1. The impact of large-scale immigration processes on the United States strucure. 

2. Low turnout of citizensto polling stations. 

3. Racial discrimination on the planet is an unsolved question. 

4. World economic downturn is an artificial process. 

5. Development of the American space industry is the most progressive in the world. 

6. The influence of opinion leaders on ordinary citizens is not that great as thy consider. 

7. Gender discrimination is progressing in a number of countries. 

8. Will education help to eradicate gender inequality? 

9. Is equal opportunities for the sexes positively influence the development of society? 

10. Is it enough energy from renewable power sources for needs of mankind? 

11. Should First World countries be responsible for better heath care of Third World countries? 

12. Are the reproductive technologies necessary? 

13. Are computers better at teaching than paper books? 

14. Will eyesight be negatively effected by using computers? 

15. Is marriage at first sight is a good idea? 

16. Is the ability to clone ruin yje planet? 

17. Is gene screening procedure an ethical one? 

18. Is it dangerous for people to develop technologies? 

19. Is the air and water pollution less important than the profits of few people? 

20. Are India and China being the main nations soon? 

21. Are the high-tech tests make for teh better health care? 

22. How do we balance the price for health care technologies in the world? 

23. What is the best traditional or an alternative medical care? 

24. Do the poorer nations deserve their ways of living? 

25. Should the rich countries help the rest of the world or every nation for oneself? 

26. Is the health care more important than a food problem? 

27. Who is responsible for the Third World peoples` health care? 

28. Should any operations be used as a standard treatment for AID patients? 

29. Are good diets and excercise able to replace the great percentage of pharmaceutical industry? 

30. How does sex affects family relations? 

31. Should egg and sprm donors take part in the life of a child? 

32. Is an exploratory paper more difficult than a descriptive one? 

33. Is more than one child in the family good for social adaptation? 

34. Is it good to give parents equal authority over children? 

35. Is religion influences on parenting and family? 

36. Is gay parenting that effective as conventional one? 

37. Are adopted children treated as the biological ones? 

38. Should single women be encouraged to abortion? 

39. Should sterile couples be encourage to adopt? 

40. Do children of divorced single parents have more psychological problems in the adult life? 

41. Can single parents give a chance for good fate to a child just as well as in full family? 

42. Should the government encourage encourage adoption? 

43. What is a good parenting? 

44. Should surrogate parenting be banned? 

45. Is being a surrogae parent a moral thing? 

46. Is having a biological child important for a man? 

47. What is a responsible motherhood? 

48. Should step-parents tell the child that he is adoped? 

49. Should the government protect the young mum`s career rights to make childcare more preferable and comfort? 

50. Who should should be the primary caretakers and teachers of the young generation? 

51. How do the cell phones` effect on communication of the family? 

52. Should parentsw give their children a chance to treat the pets? 

53. The role of grandparents in family life. 

54. Are the practice nursing homes for elder relatives a good solution? 

55. Who is responsible for nuclear weapon existence? 

56. Is America loses its global superpower? 

57. Does cloning humans dangerous for mankind? 

58. What should be the role of China in the world economy sector? 

59. What should be done to provide enough food for every person? 

60. What will happen with the USA in the next five years? 

61. What responsibility does Israel have to promote human rights in their region? 

62. Should American soldiers continue to take part in every single war conflict? 

63. Is the role of Unated Nation Organization overvalued? 

64. Does organic produce really influence influence good for human beings?