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5 Useful Tips to Handle with Essay Questions on Exams

September 13, 2018

Essay Questions on Exams

Writing an essay may seem easy, but only at a glimpse. The good news is that essay writing could be compared with math. Surprised? Yes, this issue also has its algorithms and step-by-step schemes following which you will be able to handle any essay questions on any subject and exams.

Are you intrigued? If yes, then just keep on reading our tips to cope with such questions during your next exam.


1. Google everything to find out maximum on A+ answers

If you are a freshman student who studies English literature in Harvard and if you study in the USA to get your master’s degree in journalism — that’s a big difference. The very first advice here is to find out everything on A+ outline on your subject and your university. Here we want to share a few principles which will suit for every essay:

– you must understand the goal of your essay question

– you must read all information provided by your professor

– your own insights are always appreciated

– use statistical information to prove facts provided

– do not hesitate to use YouTube videos, links from the web, but assure that you provide them in the proper format


2. Make a plan before you even start to write

Do you think all those Hollywood screenwriters do not have any plans, screens — they just pop up in their heads? They are genius, but do not be too naive. There is a plan for everything and especially for an essay. It’s important to follow the structure and introduce your text in introduction – body and – conclusion name. You need to understand that a good plan or a table of contents will save you time, will make it easier for readers to read your paper and make your essay more vivid.

Believe us, even genius needs a plan. Preparation for your exam is a half of your success, that’s why you should choose some cozy place, sit alone for a half an hour and write your plan with ideas, thoughts and other prompts.

Do not forget to pay attention to structure. Introduction, body paragraph and conclusion still matter if you strive to deliver your thought clearly. Moreover, you can arrange paragraphs in chronological order or use decreasing-importance pattern. It depends on your subject and perforations.

Check others essay answers on the Web to find out more about structure and get more possible ideas and write A+ paper.


3. Get to the major point quickly

Lets be honest — everybody likes the essence. Introductory words, conclusion and other features are needed to get reader’s interest, but do not play too long this game. Apparently, you have seen essays where statistical information and arguments were repeated several times. To be frank, wasting precious time to get to the point is very irritative. Take our advice — use argument-evidence method, follow these steps to prove your point:

– state your argument or your position

– briefly explain the topic, it’s preferably demonstrate some examples, quotes, materials

– sum up your evidence with your initial position


4. Proofread your paper twice

Initially, access all arguments: you have to scan through each sentence and make sure there are no mistakes or misspells. Do not hesitate to use services like Grammarly or any other to check your essay answers.

The best way to proofread your paper is to print it out from A to Z, take a pencil and take your time. Once you are done, edit your paper on the computer, you may add some facts, erase some sentences — in another words, do everything to make your answers even more consistent and vivid.


5. Ask for professional help if required

If you have been preparing for essay questions exam all night long, it is not a shame to ask for professional help. There are hundreds of online services which provide professional help in essay writing. We recommend to write answers for your essay questions by yourself, but you can ask somebody to proofread and edit your question. The last but not the least golden rule — always proofread your paper after an editor’s work.

We expect these tips will help to handle essay questions on your next exam. Preparation is a half of success, never waste your time before exams and try to squeeze maximum of that preparation. Today you have all tools and information to get prepared for essay exam and get A or A+ for your reply. Write down all key moments you need to keep in mind and break a leg! Good luck on your exam.