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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Ideas

July 23, 2018



The main aim of compare and contrast essay is to analyze two different things and find all the similar and different features. It is mostly popular at the universities in academic writing. Students always find it interesting to compare several issues instead of describing one thing. This type of essay helps to develop creativity and imagination, turns on constructive thinking. Meaningful arguments about the subjects are very important here to persuade the reader.

Do not forget about typical essay structure, any composition includes introduction, main part and conclusion. In the first sentence you should use a hook word or phrase to grab reader’s attention.

In conclusion you should summarize your thoughts and prove the reader that your point of view is the best. Use a quote or a citation to make an impression and impact on a reader.

Planning is one of the key points of successful writing. Before starting the writing process you should make a list of all similar and dissimilar issues of two objects. Then, all of these items have to be confirmed by the facts to sound convincing. One paragraph should have one idea.

Decide on the structure of the expressions in your essay. There are several ways to organize all ideas. You may choose any of them, but then change it if it does not work.


1. Subject by subject structure.

You tell all information about object A, then about object B and you will not jump from one topic to another. 

2. Item by Item structure.

You take one general idea for two objects, then the next one, and the next one. (a price on traveling by plane and by ship, then a time for traveling, then all the conveniences while traveling etc) 

3. Compare and contrast structure.

First, you speak about the comparisons then, about the contrasts. But this type hardly perceives by a reader. 

Usage of quotes and stylistic devices attach literacy and beautify the text. Choose appropriate metaphorical constructions and epithets to compare two things to make the essay more colorful.

In most cases the teachers suggest topics for students but sometimes they are offered to do it by themselves. At this rate it is necessary to think over carefully and stop at that issue, which is close to your heart, at that point which you know the best. Here are some hints which can help you to do your task perfectly.


Educational Topics

  • British and American English. Name fundamental difference.
  • Online education and traditional face to face studying. Which way is more productive
  • Educational system in Canada and in the USA. Is there any difference
  • Schooling and studying at the university. Which is more important?


City and Traveling Topics

  • Traveling by train and by car. Which vehicle is more comfortable?
  • Traveling by plane and by ship. Which mean of transport is more convenience?
  • Life in countryside and in the city. Which is more saturated?
  • Life in private house and in the block of flats. Which is the best place for living?


Mass Media and Social Networks Topics

  • Live communication and chatting through the Internet. How is it easier to find a new friend or love?
  • Watching TV and reading a newspaper. What is more informative?
  • Instagram and Facebook. Are there any differences?
  • Online reading and paper books. What is more convenient?


Leisure Topics

  • Theatrical performance and cinema movie. What is more impressive?
  • Going outside with friends and sitting alone at home. What is better to do at the weekend
  • Reading a book and watching a film. Which is more exciting?
  • Painting and drawing. Are there any differences?


Family and Friends Essay Topics

  • Love before marriage and love after marriage. Is there any difference?
  • Marrying a younger and marrying an elder person. What is the best decision?
  • Mother’s love and father’s love. Is there any difference?
  • Two sisters and two brothers. Who is easier get in touch?


Science and Social Essay Topics


  • Floods and Hurricane. How we can protect ourselves?
  • Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus. Name fundamental similarities.
  • A career of a teacher and medical worker. Who impacts more the society?
  • Electric cars and petrol cars. Which type is environmental friendly?
  • Ice age and Global warming. What are the reasons of them?


Food and Drinks Essay Topics



  • Tea and coffee. What gives vivacity in the morning?
  • Fast food or home food. Which is more delicious and why?
  • Coke and Pepsi. Do they have any differences?
  • Breakfast and dinner. What is more important?


This list can be endless. These mentioned topics are just a few of those which you can use for your essay.

Look around. There are so many things which you can compare. Day and night, black and white, dog and cat etc. Of course if you will take a topic connected with science, you should make some research to succeed. There are a lot of sources where you can find necessary information. They are books, newspapers, movies, films, scientific magazines, documentaries and of course the Internet!

In conclusion, remember some helpful and useful tips of a good writing:

  • Never stop brainstorming about your topic and compared subjects. Write down them on a paper. Find out all possible differences and similarities. Then, make a pause, relax. In half an hour our read all the points and try to recollect new ones. Take your time.
  • Use keywords. When a student compares, he explains the common things. Such words as like, both, as well, in common, same, similar will help you. While contrasting, use instead, on the other side, although, yet, whereas etc.

If you have a deadline, start your essay earlier. If you are in hurry, your work will not be as good as it can be.