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Causal Analysis Essay Tips and Topics

July 25, 2018


Causal analysis writing presents the very essence of the science. A search for premises, reasons and consequences of phenomena, effects, events, behaviors, etc. is what made the humankind engaging itself in the studying. People’s understanding of the reality is based on cause-and-effect relationships. It allows not only exploring the issue from the angle of its background or influence but creating some kind of a pattern. It can be a foundation for the further matter investigation and ensure applying appropriate precautions to take control of the situation.

Causal analysis essays are technically primary written parts of extensive researches, and their elements can be founded in other academic papers. The preparation stage of this paper usually requires more extensive material exploration than for other types since you should initially determine what kinds of effects are present on the occasion and limit your examination to one of them or perform it for multiple issues.

The concentration on the why-questions in this essay type extends the number of possible topics to the infinite. But it doesn’t imply that any subject will be relevant for a college level of education. The ultimate goal of these papers is to discover, classify and investigate from the smallest to the most significant fundamental processes that ensure the being and the course of events as it is. It’s the main guideline for a writer who wants to make an actual contribution to the exploration of the particular matter.

Review the following list of acceptable topics for a casual analysis essay divided by the categories and apply its instances as help remedies to come up with own subject for the paper:


1. The essence of addiction. In the present times, the severe level of psychological dependency became more common and developed new types that concerning technological progress and overall alternations in the society. In the paper, you can consider a particular medical obsession or multiple ones. For instance, the most popular of the XXI century.

2. Love: defense, decision or chemistry? The scientific reasoning defines aspects of the loving feeling like conscious, instinctive and hormonal. You can concentrate on the one or explore the mentioned ones with some additions and determine the dominant cause.

3. How do fears occur? What is responsible for our frightening senses? How do not instinctive phobias form? Is there a remedy besides psychological treatment to cure them? You can also analyze their common premise – insecurity and its background.

4. Why do people dream during sleep? Explore what makes the human beings see mental videos while resting. What defines their plots and can they be forced? What external conditions can stimulate their occurrence? What does their absence indicate?

5. The temper formation. Are individuals born with personalities implied by their genomes? Or their typical reactions are caused by the analysis of the experiences performed by the brain? If both factors are present what makes the biggest impact?


1. The Crusades origins. What reasons urged these wars? Itemize religious, political and economic factors of them. You can select only one country for the investigation or compose a summary for Europe overall. You can also show how grounds of each next campaign altered and why.

2. The French Revolution roots and aftermaths. This upheaval changed not only the course of events for one country but also for the whole continent. That’s why for the thorough analysis it’s important to show both causes and consequences.

3. What factors brought the Battle of Normandy? What conditions on the battlefields in Europe assured the USA to intervene in the WWII overseas? What were diplomatic efforts made to implement the operation of the second front opening?

4. The origins of slavery. Why did this terrible tendency occur? Why was it accepted by the governments and the higher segments of the population? How did the colonization of Africa contribute to its emergence and propagation?

5. The USA formation. Why was the concept of the federal republic selected? How was the unification process implemented? What stimuli brought this course of events?


1. The reasons for Global Warming. What cosmic, environmental and human factors ensured the climate change process overall the planet? Which of them have the most significant influence on the situation?

2. The beginning of the universe. What events and processes led to the origin of the life on Earth? What theories for the matter exist? What similarities and differences do they have?

3. The connection between animals and people. Why did people start to keep certain animals as pets? What ensured this particular selection?

4. Why do the number of hurricanes per year and their power increase? How are climatic alternations and other factors responsible for the worsening situation and its distribution to the new areas?

5. Why new viruses and illnesses appear? What changes in the environment ensure the suitable conditions for their emergence and development? Why are some of them more stable than the other?


1. Why is D.Trump the president of the USA? What premises and factors within the country ensured this candidate the winning of the elections? How the global political situation affected the choice of Americans?

2. Why was Brexit initially appealing to the majority of the UK citizens? How economic conditions affected the population’s beliefs? Which role played the agenda in its decision-making process?

3. Why are separate attitudes gaining more supporters in the last years? What social and political alternations induce the rise of the separation movements? What influence on the situation has the aspiration to implement the concept of the global unity?

4. Why religion differences remain the premises of the terrorist attacks and wars in the XXI century? What is the global place of the faith in the present times? What factors allow it keeping the role of the conflict-starter?

5. Why North Korea started the peaceful negotiation only in 2018? Why has this country government selected the isolation? What role this choice plays in the conflict with South Korea? What actions of the USA have made DPRK alter their position?


1. What is the basis of the state? Why have people initially chosen to live united? What caused the segmentation of the society? How it affected the formation of the authority structure?

2. Why do world trends occur? Why are some ideas more appealing to the majority than the other? Why people often judge offers by their famous supporters than for their meanings? What remedies ensure their globalization?

3. Gadget mania. Why are people tied to their portable devices? What makes them desire the best smartphones, tablets, etc. despite their needs and possibilities?

4. Why has the number of rage crimes increased? What social conditions stimulated the aggravation of the situation? What role the governmental regulations play in it?

5. The aspiration for vandalism. What makes people damage or destroy the personal or public property? Why are these attitudes the most popular among young adults?

How to Select a Suitable Topic

Choose the subject that will meet the requirements and you can handle. Opt for matters with multiple causes to ensure yourself the range for investigation. Consider also their sensitive aspects and actuality to provide the unique content, which will find its audience and appreciation.