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Creative Audio-Visual Presentation Ideas for the Students

October 10, 2018

An abundance of technical capabilities creates new conditions for all participants in the educational system. This means that professors expect more from the students than informative and literate content. A good performance or digital presentation is to be supplemented with audio and video effects.

If the author speaks to the audience, he can add an emotional color with the help of intonation, gestures, the timbre of voice or eye contact. If we are talking about a digital idea, we should rely on the content solely, so as on video and sound ancillary items. Many educators also welcome a combination of different methods in preparing a representation by the students.

In the 21st century, it is necessary to make the most of the opportunities offered by innovations in the field of Internet technologies. In order to succeed in this direction and perform their tasks brilliantly, some practical advice from marketing professionals will help the students greatly.

Presentation Structure

The basic part of any academic performance is a standard one. It is important to fulfill every stage of it.

1. The title according to the topic or theme selected.

2. Introduction.

3. The body of the project introduction.

4. Numerous patterns.

5. Conclusion.

A well-formed plan is obtained much preferable when each thesis is supported by some examples in the form of the images (drawings, photographs, and graphics), or video alongside (slides or collages). This is a great way to fully address the issues, to provide the audience with more possible information.

What is the Purpose for Audio and Video Usage in Presentations?


It is recommended to turn to the wide possibilities that the digital Universe generously offers to make your presentation bright and unique, regardless of the chosen theme.

Perception of information

In the absence of additional tools, apart from the masterpiece of the word, most of the listeners, especially young people, start to get bored a few minutes after the beginning, and accordingly, a significant amount of information passes by the target audience.

Proper alternation of audio, video and textual content allows you to interest, intrigue and to keep the attention of the listeners or viewers, no matter where they are — in the conference hall, the university auditorium or in front of a computer or smartphone monitor, and therefore receive emotional feedback, which is very important for every author.

Rules for the present composition

Regardless of the chosen run tools, the text and an image in the video material should be made in a large size and good clearance, with the most readable font, to all those present, and not just the audience in the front row can parse the information.

As for audio patterns, the author and the organizer of the presentation should check the sound quality from all corners of the room in which the project introduction will take place. When presenting video additional tools in the digital project, it is to be sound and pertinently chosen.

Audio-Visual Presentation Ideas

1. Slides usage

An insignificant amount of information is perceived aurally, especially if you are to become a participant in a long-lasting presentation, seminar, defense of coursework, thesis or diploma. Slides with images allow you to consolidate the information you hear and understand the content.

In order for these technical methods to become effective, it is necessary to submit a picture or a graph with a brief explanation on the slides, which has the same meaning with the text voiced by the author but presented in the other words. There is no need to duplicate exactly what the listener can read on his own, as this will cause the feeling that the speaker is superfluous.

2. Banners and posts

It is possible to create a mood and set the tone for the upcoming speech with the help of competent usage of visual design, even before the author has delivered the first thesis. Let the audience fill in the process with a help of a bright thematic screensaver that will be placed on the screen so that every person in the hall can see it.

It is possible to use banners, photo, and pictures in the design of the room if the theme allows using such additional tool of presentation. The same recommendations for Internet presentation, where an avatar replace the role of a banner.

All these simple tools remind the purpose of the event and will set the audience`s attention in the proper direction.

3. Animation

Not only images can color the presentation. Animation and video accompaniment are considered as the most effective methods. As a rule, the presentation of any project should correspond to the strict time frames, and in the one-minute video clip, you can tell much more information than when using the other audio-visual tools. It is important not to complicate the video with a series of special effects and to make the plot as clear as possible for an understanding of the target audience.

4. Sound accompaniment ideas

If the topic and place for the presentation allow adding any sound or noise effects, then appropriate background tune can help to create a relaxed atmosphere during the presentation. Absolute silence during the performance for many authors causes heightened excitement, therefore it is a good idea to use this additional sound tool during the presentation of creative projects. The same is to be suggested for the digital presentation, where any sound effects are approved.

5. Useful Internet resources for creating a good audio-visual presentation

Modern digital options allow becoming the author of a unique and high-quality presentation even to a person without special experience or skills. There are many free and paid Internet applications and plugins, which will create a spectacular project in a few minutes. For this goal, you can apply to the mysimplehow site. The author is only required to prepare the necessary information (text body, images, video, and soundtracks).

Topics Ideas for Audio-Video Presentation for Students

1. The most significant events of the 19th century. 

2. How to subordinate social networks. 

3. Serious problems and good solutions in the field of recycling plastic waste. 

4. The main characteristics of the best monetary units in the world. 

5. Ten important items that can change life for the good in one day. 

6. Who are the famous personalities in your city? 

7. The history of the TV set appearance. 

8. Does an Earth planet deserve a human being to destroy it? 

9. Pros and Cons of surrogacy. 

10. The most outstanding startups of the 21st century. 

Each of the proposed topics can be effectively disclosed thanks to the successful interweaving of existing methods of audio-visual presenting information.


Audio and visual content allows the viewer to relieve informative tension, which, as a rule, causes the only textual part of the speeches. Scientists have proven that the human brain handles what he saw faster and more efficiently than what he heard. Take care of every representative of your audience and enrich your presentation with video and audio tools that will color the textual basis of the speech. It is important not to overdo with it and balance all the items to improve the quality of the project performance.

For the speakers who apply such recommendations during their speeches, the best reward is to see interested listeners who eagerly follow the speaker or a digital project display, and not for updating the news feed on social networks during the process.