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Analytical Research Paper Writing Guide

October 9, 2018

In your academic career, you often do some research and analysis. The analytical skills are much needed for every student who wants to study well and get a good grade for each of their papers. If you are required to write an analytical paper, you should learn to analyze things. Try to demonstrate these skills in your writing.

The subject of your analysis can be anything created by other people, you can also pick an event or idea proposed by anyone else as the topic for your paper. Many of these papers make you analyze a piece of art, like a movie or a book.

Before starting this document, check all the requirements and read guidelines if needed, it will help you to stick to the needed formatting style and get a good grade. If you haven’t written such things before, you should also to make a plan and a schedule. You will need more time for working on it.

The Common Mistake

Many students who write such a paper for the first time think that they need to summarize the subject of their research. In their analytical papers, they just rephrase the plot of a movie or the text of a book, however, this approach is wrong and you shouldn’t do it this way if you need to reach the good quality.

The purpose of this type of writing is not telling What is written in the original book but How it is written. You explain the goals that the author had when writing this text, the methods, and approaches they used for creating a good book, and consider if they reached their goals. This is more difficult than just summarizing but it is also more interesting and helps you gain more skills.

The analysis is not about rephrasing what is already written in the source but uncovering what is hidden in the original story, this is the way of thinking you need during writing this paper.

Prepare for Writing

The first thing you need to do is to pick the subject for your paper. Consider what you would like to analyze and make the central subject of your work. If you need to write it quickly, it is recommended to pick something already familiar to you, like your favorite book or movie.

The style of writing depends on the subject. If you consider working with a fiction book, you can analyze the behavior of characters, the methods they use to reach their goals, the nature of their relationship, and their motivation during the events. If you are going to tell your readers about an event from the past, focus on what caused this event, why it happened the way it happened, were the outcomes, and how this event influenced the history.

Get familiar with your subject. If this is an event, get the information about it; if you are writing about a movie, watch it; if the subject of your paper is a book, read all of its pages. When you notice something outstanding, you should focus on it and read or watch it a few times if needed.

When doing it, you should focus on the following moments:

– Check how the author uses metaphors, phrases, and other methods. Focus on the things that are the most highlighted and pick the interest of readers, consider if the author did this intentionally and what was their motivation to do it this way.

– Check the purposes that the author had when writing the book or making the movie. You may not know their intentions, but when reading the biography and analyzing the circumstances in which this piece of art was created, you will have your opinion.

– Check if the author reached what they wanted. Consider if the textual or visual effects work as they need, do we get what the author wanted to tell us, and what helped them to reach these goals. You can read other reviews on this book or movie before writing your own.

The Beginning of this Paper

To create a hook for your readers, write a good sentence that will grab their attention. If you don’t know how to do it, read the good examples of such papers. You can even read marketing tips on how to start your speech.

Then, you need to write your thesis statement, the sentence where the purpose and the central idea of your document are explained to the readers. Make it clear if you want them to read your document. In the Introduction, you can also give your readers other information needed for understanding the subject, prepare them for reading the body of your paper and tell them everything they need to know before it.

The Main Body

It consists of a few parts, each of them contains its topic sentence. Every topic sentence represents the idea of the section, that involve readers and show them what they can learn from the next few pages.

After the sentence, you should always make your claim. There you explain your topic sentence with more details and focus on its parts, and after the claim is ready, you should present the evidence needed to support your claims.

At the end of the paragraph, tie the evidence to the sentence you have written at the beginning of this paragraph. It makes your work, not just a summary of another work but an analytical paper that is needed.

The Conclusion

This is a small section where you don’t have to present new ideas but should summarize the content from previous parts. Make a restatement of the main ideas you presented and show how your evidence helped to support the thesis statement.

To write this section, look what you have told your readers at the beginning of the document. Tie these parts and show how the results of your analysis are connected with your goals.

Tips on the Better Writing

– To get a good grade, you have to make a deep analysis and study the object of your research well. If you haven’t read or watched it fully, you will not get the results that are needed.

– To understand the piece of art, you need to study other pieces of art that were created by this author and other artists, directors, or writers of that time. The year and country of publishing play a great role in the context of writing, also as the biography of the author.

– Read examples and see how other analyze the works of other people. If you haven’t done this before, samples would help you to learn the art of analysis, even if you are only a beginner in this field and need guidance.

– It is good to define the scope of your analysis. In your paper, you cannot focus on all the characters and events, that is why you need to pick a few of them to pay attention.

– Edit and proofread your text, check that you fixed all the grammar and punctuation errors, inconsistent sentences of your paper, and moments that may sound better.