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How to Write a Good Acceptance Speech

October 25, 2018

If you win an award or an honor, you should tell an acceptance speech. It can be hard to write it, that is why we have some easy tips to help you. Begin it with a gratitude, then thank your benefactors, add some inspiration. It is a time to show yourself, but try to add some humility, so people will appreciate you.

Easy Tips How to Write An Acceptance Speech

Devote some time to the preparation. Do not rely on your charisma or ability to think very quickly. You will sound natural after organizing the thoughts and ideas beforehand. You can worry before the performance, that is why develop your idea before you step to the podium.

1. Write down the reasons why are you glad to receive the honor. People should understand why you appreciate it highly. You need to share your gratefulness with the audience.

2. Write down the list of people to whom you are thankful. Do not forget about your firm, the coworkers, family, and friends. Check if you have not missed someone very important for you.

3. You need the inspiration. The successful acceptance speech by another person will help you to write your work. Make a search on the internet. Try to find a speech similar to yours.

4. Create the introduction. Its role is to reflect your gratitude. Begin it with a light and a funny anecdote. Its length of depends on the length of the speech, but usually, it is brief.

I am thankful to the student body for selecting me to represent you in the student government. It is such an honor to be elected as your president.

5. Create the body, concentrate on the people you are grateful to. You should remember, that the main part of your work has to be devoted to them.

I want to thank my opponents for running such a fair campaign and for opening my eyes to many perspectives.

I am proud to stay here today and to receive this award. It is a great privilege to serve this community. And I am thankful for en every single day. I would not be able to achieve this if there were no so amazing people in this town.

6. Do not thank too many people. Do not allow the audience to be bored with the long list of names. Thank the people that helped you to win this award.

7. Do not use your speech to talk about your political views or to talk on some other topic not connected to your theme. It can offend the audience and upset your firm.

Write down the ideas briefly. I want to continue getting your feedback. We will place a suggestion box in the lobby. Please, let us understand what are you thinking.

8. Make a positive conclusion. Be optimistic. You should inspire. Mention some achievements of your firm and tell that you are ready to help them again. End with a final thank to the everyone in the class.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I am grateful to the student body for using your voice to express your sureness in me.

9. Read your work out loud in front of the mirror. Make a note to every section that sounds strange. Delete any words that you can not pronounce. You should speak clearly, briefly and as loud as you can.

10. You may ask your close friends for listening to you while you read your work. Your friend will give you constructive advice. You can record yourself on the camera to pay attention to your body language and on how your voice sounds.

Pay attention to how is long your speech. You can use a timer for it. It should be not too long. Instead of thanking every person individually say I am very grateful to my amazing colleagues. You can not also thank all the members of your firm individually. You may use this construction I am grateful to the team of the name of the organization for my recognition and giving me such an incredible award.